YouTube KeyWord Research List

Ready To Use List To Pick The Best Low Competiton Keywords

YouTube Keyword Research List

What Will I Find Inside?

  • Keyword List With Relevant Metrics
  • Keyword Research Tools
  • Step-By-Step Guide

More About The List

Looking to get more traction as a content creator on YouTube? Get ready to flood your channel with views, likes and get traffic to your links.

To Start, what are low competition keywords?

Low competition keywords are those that can rank with little to no link building and little to no channel authority. If you have a relatively small channel on YouTube it will be very hard to rank for high competition keywords as it still has low authority and social proof.

There are already a ton of videos ranking for those keywords which makes it very hard for you to Rank for them, right? So your best bet is to focus on low competition keywords with decent search volume to improve your chances of ranking on YouTube first page for a specific term!

What will you get from this list?

The list is provided as a template that you can use over and over again to not only choose what keywords to use on your video content but also to manage your links and content ideas.

Apart from the list you also get access to an extra cheat sheet which gives you quick access to all the tools you need but also some guidence on how to use them. The cherry on top are the shortcuts to other templates for your video description and so on…