What’s my background?

Hi I’m Hugo Nobre.

I have been doing Affiliate Marketing for 6 years, mostly learning tactics and trying different strategies for affiliate promotions.

Some years ago I got introduced to affiliate marketing by a friend who was into Blackhat and CPA Marketing. Since then my interest for Affiliate & CPA Marketing, Content Creation, Lead Gen and Email Marketing has grown exponentially and I have been constantly learning and improving my skill set ever since.

Part of me cannot settle for less… I always wanted by in control of my income, my health and my time and I become very obsessed about it. This obsession also lead me to consume a ton of online courses and books about business, marketing, human behavior and much more.

All that a side to be honest I have been dwelling with a lot of stuff in my life but my expectations are to become a full time Digital Marketer after I finish my degree in Marketing.

Currently, I’m reviewing new products launches on my YouTube Channel and Website of the same name. But I intend to focus on more Evergreen Content and launch my own products in the near future.

My channel is all about helping you find solutions that can scale your business to the next level and also giving some actionable ideas for newcomers to make some startup cash online.

Occasionally you may also find videos where I discuss some marketing ideas of a more academic nature that can also be applied to Online Businesses.

Terms such as SEO, Content Marketing, Media Buying, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, and Copyrighting are also no strangers to this channel.

Whether you are a newbie or a professional in your online craft you can come and easily find something to help you out or even make your tasks less time-consuming.