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How to Find the Best CPA Marketing Offers?

Do you want to earn more CPA Marketing commissions? Who doesn’t right?

When it comes to CPA marketing, choosing the right offers is crucial for your success. As an affiliate, you can’t change someone else’s offer since you don’t own the product!

Not all offers are the same, and as an affiliate, you have to be strategic about which ones to promote.

This guide will show you four ways to find the most profitable CPA Marketing offers, to stay ahead of your competition.

Competitive Research Using Spy Tools

Competitive research is your first step to identify the best CPA Marketing offers. By analyzing your competitors, you can gain valuable insights into the cpa marketing offers that are currently performing well.

Spy Tools scrape the web for ads running on various traffic sources. For example, the Facebook Ad Library is a free tool for analyzing Facebook ads. But for other type of Ads like Push, you might need paid tools like Anstrex and AdPlexity.

Anstrex Pops

These tools will let you break down what other affiliates are doing:

  • Ad networks
  • Landing pages
  • Ad Creatives
  • Marketing angles
  • Sales copy

By leveraging competitive research, you can not only find profitable offers but also replicate successful strategies.

Offer Aggregator Websites

Offer aggregator sites are another powerful resource.

These websites compile offers from many CPA Networks, allowing you to filter and sort them by:

  • Payout
  • Country
  • Vertical

Offer Vault Home Page

Some popular offer aggregator sites include:

There is another trick you can use to your advantage to increase commission rates! Compare similar offers across networks and negotiate for a commission bump.

After finding appealing offers, join the respective CPA Networks to start promoting them.

Contacting Your Affiliate Manager

If you already joined a CPA Networks, your Affiliate Manager (AM) can be an invaluable resource.

First, you need to find the contact details. Then reach out either via email or chat and mention what you are looking for.

Be Specific and mention your:

  • Traffic source (Push, Pops, Social…)
  • Target countries (Tier 3, Europe, United Kingdom…)
  • Niche or vertical (Finance, Solar, Finance…)
  • Conversion flow (Single Opt-In, Sale, Email Submit…)

Your AM can provide you with a list of high-performing offers tailored to your strategy. This is a grate time and budget-saving tip!

Offer Reports

Offer reports are pre-compiled data resources from CPA or Ad Networks.

These reports highlight the best-performing offers, countries and verticals. They are often available on the CPA Network dashboard and Newsletters or the Ad Network Blog.

Down below, you can see what a ClickDealer (CPA Network) offer report looks like. In this case, there is a list of offers you can sort by payout, GEO, EPC and other metrics.

ClickDealer Offer Report

Accessing these reports means someone else has already done the research for you. Keep checking for new reports to keep up with trends and top offers. Expect to see new info at least once per month.

For Push Ads, Pop and Native, RichAds provides solid reports every single month or season based on successful campaigns that other people are actually running on their Ad Network! These often focus on what are currently the best GEOs and verticals for that month as well as other findings.

RichAds Best GEOs

RichAds Best Verticals

Besides offer reports, you can also conduct your own market research. If you want to do your own market research, consider outsourcing it to experts to save time! Hiring someone on Fiverr or Upwork for a fixed one-time fee might be a good idea.

Learn More, Earn More

Choosing the right CPA Marketing offers is crucial for getting a positive ROI (Return On Investment).

Use competitive research, aggregator sites, your affiliate manager’s insights, and offer reports to select the most profitable offers.

If you like to learn as you go, consider joining an affiliate marketing forum like AffLift. You will get insider tips, proven strategies, and even a free landing page builder.