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The Importance of Course Titles

Crafting a compelling title is crucial when creating an online course.

Copyblogger Headline Stats

On average, 8 out of 10 people will read headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest – Copyblogger

In simpler terms:

  • 80% of readers will read your headline or title
  • 20% will keep reading the rest of your online course page copy

In this guide, we’ll share 13 prompts to create catchy titles for your online course with ChatGPT.

You don’t want to miss out on all those online course sales, do you?

We’ll also show you how to enhance your titles and provide a free ChatGPT prompts template for your convenience.

Each prompt includes examples and results obtained from using that prompt with images.

Understand your Audience

Before creating your online course title, you need to research your target audience. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes and try to understand their current situation.

Try to understand your target audience’s:

  • Interests
  • Pain points
  • Aspirations

This understanding will guide your title generation process. Use it as an internal guideline to make sure the titles you get are not too far fetched and irrelevant to your topic.

What The Course Is About

The online course itself is also very important for the title and copywriting in general.

Even if you haven’t created the course content yet, you can still write a course description.

Based on the course description you should be able to come with:

Category Information
Online Course Goals What will people be able to by the end of the course?
Benefits Why should someone buy your course?
Unique Selling Proposition Why buy from you instead of a competitor?

How To Use The Prompts

The following ChatGPT prompts originated from the idea of using formulas.

As such, the formulas are standalone components. You can use them without ChatGPT in your own writing.

Formulas streamline the process of brainstorming and writing online course titles. They also work for Article titles, videos and other content formats.

How To Use Course Title Prompts

Slide on how to use chatgpt prompts for course title generation. how to use the prompts To use any of the following prompts to generate titles you need to replace terms inside parentheses either in the formula itself or the topic itself.

Replacing the (topic or keywords) will give a more broad selection of title ideas.

Replacing the formula (parameters) will give you more specific titles. If you have a sales angle in mind the second option is more appropriate.

13 ChatGPT Prompts For Online Course Titles

Breaking News Headline

Breaking News headlines are often used by:

  • Newspapers
  • News channels
  • Press and news articles

By focusing on key events or stories that are new and important you are creating a sense of urgency. Readers will feel like they need to know more about your online course as soon as they read the title

The formula for breaking news headlines starts with a story followed by a desired effect.


(Story) + (Effect)


Write 10 “Breaking News” headlines about (Topic or Keywords) using the formula: (Story) + (Effect).

Breaking News Headline

Example Prompt

Write 10 “Breaking News” headlines about ChatGPT using the formula: (Story) + (Effect).

Example Output

ChatGPT Achieves Unprecedented Milestone in Language Comprehension: Global Excitement Surges as ChatGPT Breaks New Ground in Understanding Human Language.

List Headline

Another very popular format is the list or listicle headline.

This is all about the steps a user will take to achieve a certain goal or outcome. The body of your online course content will break them down in a list format later.

It often covers steps, tools or resources to achieve success in a certain field, market or niche.

These usually start with a Number followed by the word ways, steps, tools and then the desired outcome.


(Number) of (Ways To Desired Outcome)


Write 10 “List Headlines” about (Topic or Keywords) using the formula: (Number) of Ways To (Desired Outcome).

List Headlines ChatGPT Prompt

Example Prompt

Write 10 “List Headlines” about AI using the formula: (Number) of Ways To (Desired Outcome).

Example Output

  • 5 Ways AI Enhances Customer Engagement in E-Commerce
  • 7 Strategies for Implementing Ethical AI in Business
  • 10 Ways AI Is Revolutionizing Healthcare Diagnostics

Burning Question Headline

Using questions is a great way to write thought provoking headlines for your online course.

Questions make people think about the mentioned topic. When focused on problems, makes them wonder how to find a solution or a different desired outcome.

The formula is a combination of a provocative question and a desired outcome. Sticking to it will give you a burning question instead of a boring one.


(Provocative Question) + (Desired Outcome)


Write 10 “Burning Question” headlines about (Topic or Keywords) using the formula: (Provocative Question) + (Desired Outcome)

Burning Question Headlines ChatGPT Prompt

Example Prompt

Write 10 “Burning Question” headlines about Cryptocurrency using the formula: (Provocative Question) + (Desired Outcome)

Example Output

Can Cryptocurrency Solve the Global Financial Inequality Crisis and Empower the Unbanked Masses?

How-To Headline

A How-To headline refers to a method or framework leading to the audience’s desired outcome, often mentioning a specific date or time frame.

The formula starts with How To, method and then the desired outcome and timeframe, resulting in a specific and powerful online course title.


How To (Method) To (Achieve Desired Outcome) Like (Specific Timeframe)


Write 10 “How-To” headlines about (Topic or Keywords) using the formula: How To (Method) To (Achieve Desired Outcome) In (Specific Timeframe).

How To Headlines ChatGPT Prompt

Example Prompt

Write 10 “How-To” headlines about Digital Marketing using the formula: How To (Method) To (Achieve Desired Outcome) In (Specific Timeframe).

Example Output

  • How to Utilize Social Media Strategies to Boost Brand Visibility in 30 Days
  • How to Optimize Your Website for Search Engines and Increase Traffic in 60 Days

In-Practice or In-Depth Headline

One of the most straight forward titles you can use are In-Practice or In-Depth headlines. These are often used in online courses as they assign a meaning to the title.

In Practice tells you that the content is going to:

  • Be practical
  • Be recent
  • Be relevant
  • Have a lot of examples

In-Depth suggests a more detailed coverage when compared with the competition. It also suggests your online course content has something others are missing on (content gap).

The formula is quite simple. Type the Topic you want to mention and enter the term In Practice or In Depth right after.


(Topic) In Practice (Topic) In Depth


Write 10 “In-Practice” and “In-Depth” headlines about (Topic or Keywords) using the formulas:(Topic) In Practice and (Topic) In Depth.

In-Practice and In-Depth Headlines ChatGPT Prompts

Example Prompt

Write 10 “In-Practice” and “In-Depth” headlines about Business using the formulas: (Topic) In Practice and (Topic) In Depth.

Example Output

  • Employee Engagement In Practice: Strategies for Boosting Team Morale
  • Explore actionable methods and real-world examples to enhance employee engagement within your organization.

Target Audience Headline

A target audience headline identifies the audience in the title (ideal target audience).

By doing so, it’s using one of the most important copywriting principle – selecting the right audience.

The more you know about your audience, the more powerful this type of online course headline will be!

The formula is a combination of the topic and Target Audience separated by For.


(Topic) For (Target Audience)


Write 10 “Target Audience” headlines about (Topic or Keywords) using the formula: (Topic) For (Target Audience).

Target Audience Headlines ChatGPT Prompt

Example Prompt

Write 10 “Target Audience” headlines about Cryptocurrency Trading using the formula: (Topic) For (Target Audience).

Example Output

  • Risk Management Strategies for Novice Traders: Navigating Cryptocurrency Volatility Safely.
  • Advanced Technical Analysis Techniques: A Guide for Intermediate Cryptocurrency Traders.

Ultimate Headline

If you are researching any topic on the web you have probably already read a couple of Ultimate Guide articles or what you can call an Ultimate Headline.

It suggests that your content is the only solution your audience needs to learn about the topic, geting full coverage without the need to visit any other resource.

The formula can start with a word such as Ultimate or Complete followed by Guide To and then enter the topic a visitor would learn about that leads into transformation like becoming knowledgeable, certified etc. Your online course will guide students and help them achieve that transformation they desire.


The (Ultimate/ Complete) Guide To (Total Transformation)

Prompt Write 10 “Ultimate” headlines about (Topic or Keywords) using the formula: The (Ultimate/ Complete) Guide To (Total Transformation).

Ultimate Headliens ChatGPT Prompts

Example Prompt

Write 10 “Ultimate” headlines about SEO using the formula: The (Ultimate/ Complete) Guide To (Total Transformation).

Example Output

  • The Ultimate Guide to Achieving a Total Transformation in SEO Mastery
  • Unlock Success: The Complete Guide to a Total Transformation in SEO Strategies
  • Revolutionize Your Online Presence: The Ultimate Guide to a Total SEO Transformation

Mistakes & Failures Headline

Headlines with positive messaging work well.

Headlines that highlight mistakes and failures can also be effective. These headlines include things that the audience wants to avoid or certain negative outcomes they might resonate with (I have been there).

Goes without saying that the more you know your audience the better you can use this type of headline for your online course.

The formula is simple. Starts with a number of mistakes then a specific audience and ends with a Specific Action related to fixing that problem.


(Number) Mistakes People Make (Specific Action)


Write 10 “Mistakes and Failures” headlines about (Topic or Keywords) using the formula: (Number) Mistakes People Make (Specific Action).

Mistakes and Failures ChatGPT Prompt

Prompt Example

Write 10 “Mistakes and Failures” headlines about trading using the formula: (Number) Mistakes People Make (Specific Action).

Example Output

  • 5 Mistakes People Make When Ignoring Market Trends
  • 7 Mistakes Traders Often Commit by Overleveraging
  • The Top 10 Mistakes People Make in Emotional Trading

Lead with Why Headline

If you are learning about something new you might use terms like what is x, how to achieve x or why.

Using “Why” is a great way to start a online course title. It instills a sense of curiosity and to understand why something happens, not just how it works but also why.

The formula leads with a Why, then a specific topic and ends with an Outcome or Adjective.


(Why) (Specific Thing) (Outcome/Adjective)


Write 10 “Lead with Why” headlines about (Topic or Keywords) using the formula: (Why) (Specific Thing) (Outcome/Adjective).

Lead With Why Headlines ChatGPT lead with why chatgpt prompt and outputs

Example Prompt

Write 10 “Lead with Why” headlines about Copywriting using the formula: (Why) (Specific Thing) (Outcome/Adjective).

Example Output

  • Why Crafting Persuasive Copy Elevates Conversions Dramatically
  • Why Precision in Copywriting Ensures Unmatched Engagement
  • Why Mastering Emotional Appeals in Copy Yields Lasting Brand Connections

Do This, Get That Headline

Do this, Get That headlines mention a benefit that the visitor will get from performing a specific action. The online course often suggests a resolution to perform that action and get the benefit!

The formula starts with do something (an action) followed by a specific benefit.


(Do something) and (Benefit)


Write 10 “Do This, Get That” headlines about (Topic or Keywords) using the formula: (Do Something) and (Benefit).

Do This Get That ChatGPT Prompt

Example Prompt

Write 10 “Do This, Get That” headlines about Social Media Advertising using the formula: (Do Something) and (Benefit).

Example Output

  • Leverage Compelling Visuals and Boost Engagement: Transform Your Social Media Ads with Striking Graphics and Skyrocket Click-Through Rates!
  • Craft Irresistible Copy and Watch Conversions Soar: Learn the Art of Persuasive Messaging for Unmatched Social Media Advertising Success!
  • Optimize Ad Timing and Maximize Reach: Supercharge Your Social Media Strategy by Perfectly Timing Your Campaigns for Maximum Exposure!

Reveal Everything Headline

A Reveal Everything headline is simple but still powerful. It shows the audience that you have an answer for their problem.

That you have something other people in your industry or niche don’t have or know about.

If you are using this type of headline you need to make sure your online course content backs up any claims and expertise with:

  • Stats
  • Personal experience
  • Social proof

For the formula you can start with terms like the secrets of, followed by your topic.


The Secrets of (Your Topic)


Write 10 “Reveal Everything” headlines about (Topic or Keywords) using the formula: The Secrets of (Your Topic).

Reveal Everything ChatGPT Prompt

Example Prompt

Write 10 “Reveal Everything” headlines about Generating Wealth using the formula: The Secrets of (Your Topic).

Example Output

  • Unveiling the Untold Wealth Formula: The Secrets of Financial Mastery Exposed!
  • Unlock Prosperity: The Hidden Tactics – The Secrets of Wealth Generation Revealed!

Combine Title Formulas

You can also combine ideas or formulas to come up with different online course titles, appeals and hooks.


Write 10 headlines about (Topic or Keywords) using the following formulas (Formula or Example).

Combine Headlines ChatGPT

Example Prompt

Write 10 headlines about Content Marketing using the following formulas: (Story) + (Effect) (Number) of (Ways To Desired Outcome) (Provocative Question) + (Desired Outcome) …

Example Output

  • Unleashing the Power of Storytelling: Transforming Your Content Marketing Efforts
  • Ten Creative Ways to Drive Engagement: Boosting Your Content Marketing Success
  • Provocative Question: Can Your Content Marketing Really Achieve Explosive

Customizing Prompts

Prompts are quite raw. ChatGPT needs extra context to provide good answers.

You need to tailor the prompts to your needs. You can do so by entering relevant keywords or topics related to your online course content.

Doing some keyword research will be useful for custom prompts. You can plug a lot of different keywords to get different titles for the same main topic!

This customization ensures that the generated titles align with your online course material.

How To Improve Titles

After compiling a bunch of online course title ideas you can check if they are actually well written and have a strong appeal.

Keeps reading and make sure to apply the following tips to improve your headlines…

Clear is better than Clever

Category Title
Clever Counting Sheep: A Somnolent Symphony of Slumber
Clear 10 Tips For Better Sleep

clear and clever headline examples

Most of the time, clear headlines are easier to read for most people. Clever headlines might actually be:

  • Confusing
  • Less SEO friendly
  • Make segments of your audience bounce off

Use Power Words

Category Title
No Power Words Tips For Losing a Few Pounds
Power Words Proven Strategies For Fast Weight Loss

Using power words with moderation is a good way to improve your online course headlines. Moderation is the key here, if you use too much of them they will lose their meaning.

Some powers words are:

  • Behind The Scenes
  • Crush
  • Elite
  • Hack

Benefits instead of Features

Category Title
Features 5-Blade Razor With Micro-Serrated Edges
Benefits Experience Smooth Shaving With Our Precision Blades

A common mistake people make is focusing on features.

Your copy should highlight the benefits derived from the features, not the features themselves.

Benefits evoke more emotion like the next tip suggests which is…

Evoke Emotions

Category Title
Weak Consider Joining An Adventure In Europe
Strong Emotions Join The Exclusive Adventure, Or Miss Out On A Once-In-A-Lifetime Experience

Try to evoke/ incentivize emotions within your copy like:

  • Fear
  • Excitement
  • Curiosity
  • Hope

Use Headline Analysis Tools

An easy way to rank your online course headlines, fix or pick the best is to use a headline analysis tool.

You could use ChatGPT for that as well but you would need to provide the entire method to use to analyze headlines. You can ask it to analyze a list of titles according to a certain book, copywriter, author or tool.

Instead you can use:

To analyze the headlines and follow their suggestions to improve them.

Sharethrought Headline Analyzer

You have to be aware of other factors such as:

  • Platform or Channel: Where the headline will appear
  • Customer Persona: Audience behaviors

ChatGPT Prompts Template

With the help of ChatGPT, generating effective online course titles is easier than ever.

And with the Prompts Template, you have a list of pre-selected prompts for all your content needs:

  • Titles/ Headlines
  • Social Media Posts
  • Scripts
  • Keyword Research
  • And more

So why waste time and energy brainstorming on your own? Download the Prompts Template below.

ChatGPT Prompts Template