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YT Evolution Review

YT Evolution Review

YouTube videos into DFY monetized niche blogs for multiple hands-free income streams and high Google rankings!

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    What Is YT Evolution?

    YT Evolution is a software that will allow you to convert YouTube channels into WordPress websites monetized with ads and your affiliate links.

    What Is Included With YT Evolution?

    With YT Evolution you will get:

    • Premium WordPress Video Theme
    • YT Evolution WP Plugin
    • YT Evolution Curator WP Plugin
    • Training videos
    • Bonus videos
    • Unlimited site licenses and use
    • Commercial + Agency license to use for clients and resell sites.

    You really have a lot of limitations with the main product.

    That’s something you don’t see every day in other product launches!

    Without any extra fees you can start using the product right away for personal use and start getting affiliate commissions or even sell services to your costumers including the sites.

    Who Is YT Evolution For?

    Who Is YT Evolution For

    YT Evolution is perfect for:

    • Affiliate Marketers
    • Beginners
    • Local Marketers
    • Video Marketers
    • Social Media Marketers
    • Freelancers
    • eCom Marketers
    • Instructors / Coaches
    • “How To” YouTubers

    This works for anyone who wants to convert their or anyone else’s videos into monetized WordPress niche sites.

    By doing this you can now take advantage of the most consumed format online which is video and then implement it on a website which is the most suited to rank on search engines…

    Getting the best out of both worlds to not only rank but also get more sales.

    YT Evolution Benefits

    YT Evolution Works

    Here are some benefits you might be interested here:

    • Premium product & tested for 6+ months!
    • For video, affiliate, local, & mass marketers
    • Premium WordPress theme + video plugin
    • Import entire YT Channels & Playlists!
    • Sync to YT Channels for new content
    • Import any YT Channel that allows embeds
    • Build unlimited monetizable video blogs
    • Includes commercial license.

    How Does YT Evolution Works?

    How To Use YT Evolution In 3 Steps

    To start using YT Evolution all you need to do is follow these 3 steps:

    • Activate your websites
    • Pick videos
    • Monetized your site

    After entering the member’s area you will see two menus one at the top and another at the left, and you can use those to go through all the contents.

    The one at the top will allow you to access multiple sections such as: Welcome, DFY Service (Optional Upsell), YT EVO Training, EVO Cloaker, Mass Video Bonus, FAQ, Support and log out.

    Includes an introduction video to YT Evolution showing you how the member’s area works and also some shortcuts or links to the Facebook Group, DFY Site Setup, promote the product itself and make commissions, access the training or cloaker, FAQ and a link to a form if you want to contact the product creator if you need help.

    DFY Service
    From here any user can buy the done-for-you upgrade which will include a complete done-for-you YT Evolution site ready to be used.

    YT EVO Training
    On the YT EVO Training tab, you will find the main training, and this is where you can navigate using the left menu which also displays a title clearly indicating what you will learn in which one of the training modules.

    The modules are the following:

    • Examples + Ways To Make Money
    • Hosting, Domain, & WordPress
    • Importing The Theme
    • Update Settings
    • Customize Your Theme
    • Get Your Google API
    • Creating Your Website
    • Managing Categories
    • Indexing Your Posts
    • Boost Rankings
    • Edit Sitewide Links
    • Cloak Affiliate Links
    • Backing up Your Website
    • Track Your Site Visitors

    Each one will include a clean and simple to understand video and some resources below to fast track your results!

    EVO Cloaker
    The second and last upsell is this link cloaking tool which can be access by clicking on this tab.
    With said tool you can cloak any link without affecting your rankings whatsoever. It can be used for individual pages, affiliate links and others as well.

    Mass Video Bonus
    Additional bonus training teaching you how to create tons of videos for affiliate marketing, local marketing, lead generation or promoting your own products and services using a program called YIVEApps.
    The whole purpose is to easily rank videos and consistently get traffic without massive amounts of work, allowing you to get passive sales down the road!

    By going through this you can remove most of the obstacles you might have along the way without need to waste hours of your time figuring out everything by yourself. If then your doubts persist you can contact support.

    Get access to a support form where you can send messages by topic or nature of the issue and get fast replies.

    Log Out
    Close your session of YT Evolution… Who would have thought…?

    Want to get a closer view? Check out the DEMO video down below.

    YT Evolution Demo

    Click Here To Get Instant Access
    Plus get all my bonuses listed below…

    How Much Does YT Evolution Cost?

    YT Evolution Price, OTOs, Upsells And Downsells

    YT Evolution is great because it includes everything you need to start getting traffic and sales right away without having to create massive articles or content by yourself.

    The Front-end product already comes loaded with everything, and it’s really a bargain. No forced upgrades to be able to use the product.

    The upsells give you access to completely different products.

    OTO1 will allow you to hide and brand your links, while OTO2 will deliver a complete YT Evolution site hassle-free without the need to set up anything!

    FE – YT Evolution $97 (YouTube Into WP Site)
    YT Evolution is a WordPress video theme that includes 2 custom plugins to transform any YouTube channel into a full-blown video website ready to be monetized. Just import the theme to your WordPress website, add YouTube channels or playlists and let it auto-sync and import all the videos into REAL WordPress posts that can rank in Google using relevant and unique content!

    The integrated custom Evo Curator WordPress plugin turns every post on your YT Evolution website into unique content by importing relevant content from multiple Ezinearticles into every post on your site, so it ranks better in search engines. Also supports spinning the content with Spin Rewriter.

    Monetize your site with affiliate links, banners, offers, CPA, local information, or anything you want… it’s your website and you have full control.

    Also includes unlimited site licenses and commercial rights so you can resell to clients or even start your own freelance service selling auto-video sites.

    OTO1 – EvoCloaker $97/year or $197 lifetime (Link Cloaker)
    Cloak your entire website or individual posts/pages to show any URL you want.

    It completely hides your actual website, so your visitors only see the URL you want them to see. If you use your affiliate link as the cloaked URL, then 100% of your traffic will get cookied with your affiliate link. Also, the perfect solution for rank and rent websites. Rank your posts on the first page of Google then cloak any of them to show local clients websites instead of yours and charge them monthly.

    Evo Cloaker uses advanced technology and a database of over 70 million IPs to filter all the traffic that visits your website. If these are real visitors, they see the cloaked URL you want them to see. But if it detects this traffic is coming from Google bots, FB or Google Ad reviews etc, it will show them your real website, so you stay compliant with ad networks as well as maintain your rankings in search engines.

    The technology used allows your website posts to remain indexed and ranked in search engines!

    OTO2 – DFY YT Evo Sites $147 (Get Entire Sites Done-For-You!)
    This is a service offered within the members’ area.

    Skip all the process and get a YT Evo site done-for-you with a custom logo, custom banners, background and load it up with video content!

    Cryptomate Bonuses

    SEO Video Pro Bundle

    SEO Video Pro plugin is an advanced video SEO plugin for WordPress which covers all aspects of video SEO.

    It automatically fetches video SEO details from videos of all major video hosting providers and submits it to video sitemap.

    It shows a snippet preview of video search result within your post editor. With this plugin, you can easily rank your videos into Google search engines and receive good traffic from search engines.

    Trending Keywords WordPress Plugin Box

    Find the most Popular Keywords That People Are Actually Searching For From ALL SIX Of the World’s BIGGEST Search Engines!

    Search engines such as google LOVE content, especially new, updated, and trending content.

    Create content that people are actively searching for and Google will send you the love in terms of traffic and rankings!

    IM Checklist V5 Video Marketing Box

    Get the exact 20 step by step checklists that will harness the power of video.

    Generate instant free traffic that’s 85 times more likely to buy from you!

    Dominate search results in any niche and generate tons of free traffic to any offer. Build a huge email list of buyers who buy from you again and again…

    Create high quality, professional and high-converting videos within minutes.

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    Plus get all my bonuses listed above….