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Don’t Get Penalised By Google Fix All Your Existing Spam Link!


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What Is WP Link Fixer

WP Link Fixer is a WordPress plugin which makes all the links on your site compliant with the new Google Link Spam update and avoid get penalized on search results.

Not following the rules means that google will push your site further down the ranking with algorithmic rules but also take manual action against your site.

It affects Affiliate Links, Sponsored Links and Paid Links.

To avoid this, you will need to apply the proper tags on your links. In the case of affiliate links they need to have rel=”nofollow” and rel=”sponsored”.

What Is Included With WP Link Fixer?

Just like all WordPress plugins everything comes inside a zip file that you will need to upload to use and then tweak the settings as you see fit.

After installation a new tab will appear on WordPress left menu and where you can click and access all the options.

Basically, it’s just the plugin and a video tutorial to teach how to setup everything and then use it to fix all the links in existing or new website content.

Who Is WP Link Fixer For?

This piece of software is a great time saver for anyone who wants to replace tags on links that redirect to external content to monetize their sites.

So, whether you promote affiliate links, sponsorships or you have any sort of paid links on your site it will be a very useful plugin.

If keeping your rankings and hard work from going into the void is important to you changing those tags is mandatory.

Now you could do everything manually… But one can only imagine how much time it would take to replace all links on your site or blog one by one, page by page and article after article.

By using WP Link Fixer all links are automatically fixed in a matter of seconds!

How Does WP Link Fixer Work?

Remember the zip file I told you about?

All you need to do is install it on your WordPress sites, activate it and then click on the respective tab.

Once inside said section you can choose an upper section to navigate and apply the correct settings according to what you might want to change.

The six sections are:

External Links

Update all outbound links in your site.

Links By Domain

Change links for specific domains.

Links By Category

Fix links for posts in specific categories. For example, if you have review articles you know that they will contain paid links for sure and might want to change those and keep other categories that attract backlinks from being changed.


Put together a list of posts or pages that you want to be ignored by the other setting you have set up. Those pages will keep their previous link attributes and suffer no changes.


Shows a report of external links found during the processing of pages or blogs. The report is only generated if at least one of the sections/ tabs is set to active.


Video tutorial covering everything about the plugin from installation, setup, recommended settings, and report.


After filling one section with required fields (when applied), you will need to select the attributes to be added to the links.

But don’t worry it’s very simple! Just look at the table down below:

nofollowThe author of the post doesn’t endorse the referenced source and google won’t associate your site with it.
noopenerPrevents target page from gaining any access to the original page.
noreferrerPrevents the referrer (your site) information to the target website. By doing so the traffic generated from your site to another will be show as if it was direct traffic instead of being referred on analytics tools.
externalIt indicates the referenced source is not part of the current site. Can also be used to indicate that a user is leaving the website.
sponsoredMarks links as paid links that can lead into advertisements, paid ad placements, affiliate products etc. nofollow is still accepted who were it recommended to use sponsored instead.
ugcMarks user generated content such as comments, forum posts and others.

WP Link Fixer Demo

WP Link Fixer Pros And Cons


  • Easy installation and very straight forward setup.
  • The plugin is lightweight and has negligible effect on the performance of your website.
  • Saves all the time it would take to manually replace link tags manually!
  • Video tutorial included.
  • Take active measures to avoid getting penalized by google and keep your google search rankings.
  • Rise above your competitors who don’t follow the new update rules.
  • No extra licensing which means you can use it for your own and client sites regardless.


  • No explanation regarding link attributes/ tags.
  • If you have a large database of articles with mixed links on your site, you will need to think or plan a way of only replacing the needed links and keeping the “follow” links.


It’s indeed a very useful and time saving tool for your WordPress sites and your clients!

The active dime sale is also a great deal, and the product is modestly priced considering that you don’t need to pay any extra fees for commercial or client use. In fact, most plugins and themes charge you a lot for this.

Safe to say… The benefits far outweigh the flaws. I was very picky to find any and they are not deal breakers. By just reading my review you will quickly understand what type of tags you will need for you site, plus there are a ton of official free resources covering these topics such as MDN and Google Developers.

Regarding the last con its merely a circumstantial issue you might find on your personal situation depending on a specific type of website and it can be solved by using referring to your link list on your content marketing plan (SHAME on you if you don’t have one… plan I mean!)

But most affiliates or websites usually use a plugin to create redirects for external links, to easily manage their links and avoid huge affiliate link extensions. Probably the most popular in the space is PrettyLinks and I personally use it myself.

How Much Does WP Link Fixer Cost?

WP Link Fixer Pricing And OTOs

Frontend – WP Link Fixer $12-17

Main product with all the mentioned features and no limits.

OTO1 – Blog Link Magic + Done For You Link Library $17

WP plugin lets you monetize all your content in just a few minutes.

Link any keyword to any offer of your choice, import & export your keyword link lists to replicate on any blog.

Also includes DFY links to be up and running immediately.

OTO2 – Blog Niche Tools + 100K MEGA Article Packs $17-27

3 niche tools packed into 1 plugin.

Trending Keywords

find trending, and profitable keywords from the top 6 search engines.

Free Stock Photos

Use your keywords to grab stunning stock photos and images from the top 3 sites.

Bulk Article Importer

Automatically convert PLR articles to blog posts with 1-click bulk import and even drip feed posts over time!

OTO3 – Done For You Site & Funnel Setup $147

Get a fully setup site without going through all the work.

Instead, you can outsource it to the WP Toolkit team, plus get high converting funnels as well!

OTO4 – WP Toolkit GPL $67

Massive WordPress bundle with premium 250 plugins and 380 premium themes.

You no longer need to search repositories to find the plugins you need when they are all included in this developer’s edition package.

They can be used for your own websites but also for your clients too!

WP Link Fixer Bonuses

WP Lightspeed Box

Along with the link spam update there has been a very significant one for core web vitals and loading speeds.

In short if your site takes more time to load it will rank lower on search results but also consume more server resources!

This kit is specially designed to help you restructure your site or create one from scratch that can load very fast without sacrificing on visually significant aspects. Includes all video tutorials, plugins and themes needed.

WP Business Box

Are you just getting started with WordPress or do you already have a successful website?

Either way… This guide will help you to get more results out of your wp site or start a new business if you don’t have one already.

From tracking, link building to design, monetization, and everything else you need to know!

SEO Mastery Box

It couldn’t be a well-rounded bonus package without one dedicated to SEO, right? Especially when it comes to websites since the primary traffic source is search.

Learn keyword research, one page, off page SEO and apply together with your own content marketing strategy to attract tons of interested prospect.

While improving your site you will also track your results and discover yourself new strategies to outperform your competition.