Warlord Secrets Review

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What Is Warlord Secrets?

Warlord Secrets is a package that includes a course on how to get views, leads and sales from Quora but also a software to automate the whole process of traffic generation.

The training is based on the results on exceptional results Will Weatherly got with Quora, and he has been using it for a few months already.

What’s Included With Warlord Secrets?

Inside of the product you will get:

The Warlord Secrets Training

Learn how to generate traffic and commissions from Quora.

Warlord Secrets Automation Software

Automate Quora traffic to save time and scale to the moon with this free traffic source

Bonus 1 – Backdoor Master

Direct access to the product creators to ask for help and get personalized support so that you stack your odds in your favor.

Bonus 2 – $43,000 In 7 Days Case Study

Learn how you can make $43,000 in 7 days without any paid ads from a real case study.

Bonus 3 – High Ticket Training

High ticket training worth around $1,997.

Bonus 4 – Unfair Advantage In Business & Life

Learn how to conciliate life with business to get the results you want with your own online business and become a high performance internet marketer.

Bonus 5 – Warlord Secrets Instant Approval

If you don’t have a product in mind or monetization method ready to use for Quora traffic, you will not need to worry because you will be able to promote this exact same product instantly without any need to get approved.

Who Is Warlord Secrets For?

Warlord Secrets 3 Main Benefits

Warlord Secrets is perfect for beginners who a lot of tech skills might not have but still want to make money online without working hours and hours on to get traffic.

Quora is a Q&A site where people ask questions and get answers for their problems all the time. All you need to do is learn how to use the platform and be able to research and write.

You can choose the most relevant ones, answer them, and get a ton of traffic for a very long time since they keep getting views as time goes by.

Very good for passive income. I’m still receiving some ClickBank commissions from Quora account on the Dating niche.

How Does Warlord Secrets Work?

CPA kinSimply follow the training provided. Make sure to go through all the materials, understand the process, get everything you need ready (including the software) and start getting traffic from Quora right away.

Warlord Secrets Pros and Cons


  • Easy for beginners since there are not a lot of moving parts, and everything will be handled mostly from the Q&A platform.
  • Answer questions once and keep getting traffic/ sales for them for a long time. All the answers will have a snowball effect and allow you to generate passive income. The more answers you give, the more passive it gets!
  • Quora has a lot of people looking for solutions to purchase and solve their problems, which means there’s a lot of buyer traffic there.
  • No further investment required apart from the main course and software. No need for ads, hosting fees etc.
  • The method was tested by Will, and he was able to get very good results from it.


  • No insights to what the software does or what it needs to run properly, leading into an information gap.

How Much Does Warlord Secrets Cost?

Warlord Secrets Pricing And OTOs

Frontend – Warlord Secrets $12.47

Main Quora training and traffic automation software.

OTO1 – Pro Version $17-27

More training, case studies and extra hacks to increase your traffic and get more sales with less effort.

OTO2 – Done-For-You $27-37

Instead of doing all the posts yourself, you can use 30 handwritten posts from Will that have made him around $300/day.

OTO3 – Unlimited Traffic $67-97

Put your pixels on the product creator’s sales pages and get very cheap buyer traffic you can retarget and get sales from with ease.

OTO4 – Traffic Mastery $37-67

All-in-one traffic solution with proven strategies from successful internet marketers broken down in a step-by-step manner.

OTO5 – Resell Rights $47-97

Sell Warlord Secrets as your if was your own product and get 100% of the profits.

Warlord Secrets Bonuses

How To Create Super Profitable Quora Ads Box

Follow this series of tutorials to learn how to create super profitable Quora Ad campaigns with impressive ROI.

Target the right audience, keywords, and master this underrated goldmine.

Rank Your Quora Answer In The First Position Box

If you are relying on organic traffic, answering questions on Quora is not enough.

If you want your efforts to drive sales, you will need to target the right questions that have both buyer intent and a decent amount of views!

The problem is that there are a ton of people answering those. Being able to rank above all of them will provide the most traffic, leads, and sales.

Fast Cash Box

This is a 6-part video training series that will teach you different methods on how to best make money online.

If you’re either starting out online or you have already tried, then a series of videos like this will help you fast-track your online solutions.