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Viral PLR Passive Profits Review

Viral PLR Passive Profits Review

Passive Profits PLR (30K words) With This Secret Sauce!

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    What Is Viral PLR Passive Profits?

    Viral PLR Passive Profits is a done-for-you content package made of 30,000 words (115+ page book), which can be used for both personal use but also repackage and resold for quick profits since it has PLR rights.

    What’s Included With Viral PLR Passive Profits?

    The product demystifies passive profits and teaches people other things as well. Just look at the chapter titles:

    • What Would It Mean For You To Have This In Your Life?
    • Who Do You Admire That Lives This Kind Of Life?
    • Do You Truly Believe You Can Live This Kind of Life?
    • Is It Really Possible for An Income Stream to Be Truly Passive, Forever?
    • Setting Goals and Deadlines for Your Dreams
    • Create a Roadmap for Your Success
    • Setting Yourself up for Success, Avoiding Burnout, and Finally Following Through
      An Overview of the Passive Income Life
    • Passive Income Stream #1: Affiliate Marketing Websites
    • Passive Income Stream #2: Blogging for Passive Income
    • Passive Income Stream #3: Kindle Publishing
    • Passive Income Stream #4: Email List Building
    • Passive Income Stream #5: Product Creation
    • Passive Income Stream #6: Continuity Programs
    • Be A Self-Starter for Incredible Passive Income
    • Tie Your Income Streams Together
    • Stay on Top of Your Passive Income Streams
    • Managing Your Income Streams
    • How to Make This Report Your 24/7 Digital Sales Machine

    Who Is Viral PLR Passive Profits For?

    This is for any marketer who wants to leverage the power of content marketing without spending a lot of time and money outsourcing or creating unique content.

    Affiliate marketers, content creators, product creators and newbies can specially benefit from this to fast track their progress and get sales faster!

    How Does Viral PLR Passive Profits Work?

    After getting your hands on the content there’s many profitable ways in which you can use it such as:

    • Give away for list building.
    • Edit, claim ownership, sell.
    • Repurpose it and/or rebrand.

    Here are some ideas about repurposing your content and what you can use it for:

    • Automated blog posts
    • Slide decks
    • Paid eClasses delivered by autoresponder
    • Transcribe into YouTube, Vimeo videos.
    • Create your own profitable products and so much more…

    Instead of going through all of the product creation process, which not only is tedious but also time-consuming… you can take advantage of the PLR content to tap into the highly profitable info market!

    Who Created Viral PLR Passive Profits?

    Viral PLR Passive Profits Creators

    Dennis Becker and Barb Ling are veteran marketers (with more than 46 years of experience between them!) who both believe that Money Loves Speed…. and specialize in teaching newbies and experienced marketers alike how to cut through the hype and froth of supporting one’s family on the Internet.

    Dennis owns the popular Earn1KaDay community and the is the author of “5 Bucks a Day,” and Barb is known for always being the first with new, cutting edge techniques online.

    Viral PLR Passive Profits Benefits

    Here are some benefits you might be interested in getting:

    • No product creation & market research Ready to monetize content.
    • 6 ways to generate passive income.
    • Learn from 2 internet marketing veterans. Grow your email list.

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    How Much Does Viral PLR Passive Profits Cost?

    Viral PLR Passive Profits OTOs

    FE – Passive Profits Viral PLR $8.95 (30,000 Words + PLR)
    30,000+ words premium PLR including rebranding rights to entire contents. Individual articles (chapters) can be extracted, modified, mixed or matched, etc.

    OTO1 – 10 Rebrandable IM Strategy Primers with PLR $37 (10 Reports + Software)
    10 separate reports, including rebranding rights for each one through our web-based software *no purchase necessary for this offer to be useful that makes creating the viral PDFs extremely quick and simple.

    OTO2 – Entry to Join the DAB E=squared Club $37 (PLR Membership)
    Members will receive discounted access to dozens of premium PLR products, at prices never seen before.

    OTO3 – Full year of rebrandable reports $47 (16 Reports)
    Minimum 16 rebrandable reports, including 7 instantly and more through the end of 2021 (possibly beyond).

    OTO4 – Easy Viral PDF Brander Software $47 (Quick Viral PDF Creation)
    Makes creation of viral PDFs from user content extremely quick and easy.

    OTO5 – Daily Seminar Transcripts, PLR/Rebrand Rights $77.70 (800,000 Words)
    Additional 800,000 words IM/MMO content with full PLR AND rebranding rights included.

    Viral PLR Passive Profits Bonuses

    Within this Articles Package, you’re going to get full PLR rights to 5,000 instant niche articles.

    You can also sell this amazing package and pocket 100% of the sales or leverage the content to earn affiliate commissions or promote other products and services.

    You’ll get this Mega Article Pack featuring 5,000+ PLR articles covering a variety of popular niche topics such as travel, wealth, health, marketing, fitness, relationships etc.

    Simple solution for turning ANY text article into a complete, ready to upload web page by filling in a form and clicking a button.

    You can build any number of pages using Private Label articles, articles you have rewritten, or even your own articles.

    Plus, you can include any ads or links on your article pages that you see fit. In no time at all, you can have dozens of article pages working on your behalf to drive traffic and get more visitors to your website and offers.

    Using PLR – How To Use Private Label Rights To Grow Your Business is a 28 page, +6000 word report.

    This report goes over what Private Label Rights (PLR) is and illustrates how to put PLR content to work for you by growing your content marketing efforts.

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    Plus get all my bonuses listed above….