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Spressio Review

Spressio Review

Spy & Pull Products From Best Selling Online Stores For Long Term Sales And Profits


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    What Is Spressio?

    Spressio is a powerful e-commerce spy tool that identifies product “breakout trends” allowing you to quickly find and import trending e-commerce products to your store.
    No longer do you need to struggle with product and market research because now you can use this tool to pull the best-selling products from their stores. This includes the product itself, description and reviews.
    However, Spressio has also other features to help you succeed in the e-com space.
    This will be especially effective in the pandemic period where the demand for products is dramatically changing and there’s a huge rush to the online stores.

    What’s Included With Spressio?

    included with spressio

    With Spressio you get a tool capable of finding high trending products, the stores they are being sold at but also the supplier of the product and that is the main appeal of the product.

    However, you can also use it to visualize and identify product trends, get email alerts to stay up to date and import products and all the information associated.

    Some extras you also get included are advanced training on how to get traffic and create very profitable ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

    Considering that Spressio is a cloud-based app it also comes with premium support and tutorials teaching you how to use the tool properly and hot to import CSV files to Shopify.

    Spressio Benefits

    By now you have probably understood the killer benefits that Spressio brings to the table… But here is a friendly reminder:

    • Finds profitable stores and “steals” their product ideas
    • Identifies “hottest” products on AliExpress, Amazon & Facebook and spots all arbitrage opportunities
    • Alerts for trending products long before they can be found on traditional keyword tools or search engines.
    • Imports products from AliExpress into your store – including description, images and reviews – saving hours of hard work
    • Email alerts for any price changes and out of stock products
    • Cloud based app – no need for hosting, updates or backups
    • Limited Time Only – Get Spressio For 87% Off!

    How Does Spressio Work?

    Spressio In 3 Steps

    First thing you need to do is log in with the credentials sent to your email.

    After logging in you will see the main dashboard which is a page called Home.

    From here you can choose between 5 options:

    • Find Trending Products
    • Find Recently Discovered
    • View My Bookmarks
    • Watch Tutorials
    • Bonus Videos

    The top bar provides quick access to the Home Page, Account Settings, Support and the Logout Button. 

    Finding Trending Products

    Here you will see a ton of hot selling products right away.

    You can navigate through these menus:

    • Trending Products
    • Shopify Export Products
    • Bookmarked Products

    On Trending Products you can also make a precise search by using different search filters.
    Products can be filtered by number of minimum orders, price and date when the product was discovered.

    Products can be sorted Number Of Orders, Retail Price, Number Of Store and Date of discovery in ascending (Low To High) or descending (High To Low) order.

    There’s also the option to save a previous search term and use it on other searches as a filter and activate email alerts to stay up to speed.

    Now to the search itself… You can type a search term and also choose a category to find a specific product or leave the search bar empty to look at all the products from a category.

    Regarding the products themselves, they can be bookmarked, added to the export list but can also be viewed on AliExpress.

    You can also open up the inspector where you will see the following stats:

    • Orders
    • Product Cost
    • Selling Price
    • Profit Margin
    • Sales

    And also visualize the Orders and Store Trend or see the specific stores selling that product – Great Feature you can take a lot of notes to use on the branding of your store and see the angles they are using to sell the products!

    Without opening up the inspector you will see an overview of the product stats as well.

    Finding Recently Discovered Products

    By clicking on the option from the Home page the tool will open a pre-saved search to look for the most recent products.
    Everything else is very similar to the Trending Products option.

    Viewing Your Bookmarks

    When you click here you can see the products you bookmarked on a product search.

    Watching The Tutorials

    On this one you have 2 tutorials videos to learn how to use the tool and how to import a Shopify CSV file.

    Bonus Videos

    No need to worry about traffic because in here you can find extensive training on the best and most used traffic sources and learn how to create effective Ad Campaigns.

    Said traffic sources are Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and YouTube Ads.

    Spressio Demo Video

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    How Much Does Spressio?

    spressio prices for frontend, upsell 1 and upsell 2

    What’s great about Spressio is that the users can skip all the extra work and find proven to work products on any e-com niche or store. And that’s what you are getting with the frontend.

    With OTO1 there’s also the option to get more advanced product research features. OTO2 goes in for the killing and gives you a spy tool for video ads which saves a lot of guess work and your ad budget.

    Front End – Spressio $49 (E-commerce Spy Tool)
    Permanent access to Spressio with all future updates and upgrades to the platform.

    OTO1 – Intelligynce $49 (Advanced Features)
    Advanced product research features and a bonus software called Ali Inspector.

    Lifetime access to the tool, upgrades and updates is also included.

    You will be able to find hot selling products, track arbitrage prices, Shopify store analytics, store information & estimated sales, keyword analysis and much more!

    OTO2 – Vlue $39-197 (Find Cheap Traffic + Sales)

    Full fledged traffic system in a box to drive buyer traffic to your e-com products.

    Spy tool for finding trending video ads used to promote e-commerce products.

    Also included is a keyword generation video and a YouTube video ads course.

    All updates and upgrades included.

    Spressio Bonuses

    ecommerce with shopify bundle

    Do You Want To Learn More About E-Commerce With Shopify? A Beginners Guide In Your Path To Learning About E-Commerce Using Shopify For Success…

    Not only that, but this product comes with PLR, meaning you can sell this product as your very own.

    ecommerce with woocommerce bundle

    While there are a variety of different platforms that you can use to set up your e-commerce site, WooCommerce is the number one option if you are utilizing WordPress.

    If you’ve wanted to sell your products online for a long time, but you just haven’t been able to do so because of the technical learning curve, then this is your solution.

    dropshipping secrets bundle

    Drop-shipping would have to be one of the best ways to make money without doing much at all.

    With this method, the potential to make millions is highly possible. But you’re needing help in the process to make this happen. And that’s where this 6-part video training course comes into play.

    how to find 3k/month products with spy tools

    Sometimes picking profitable products for an e-commerce store can be very hard.

    While having a Spy Tool makes the process much easier you still need to know how to use it, look at the stats and pick a profitable product in a hot niche.

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