WordPress GPL Table

WordPress GPL Table

Pick the best GPL plugin provider and bootstrap you website on a budget.

With this table it will be easy to:

  • Pick the best provider
  • Compare prices and plans
  • Sort out the features
  • Keep your site fast and clean

What is GPL? Is it even legit…

What is GPL?

GPL stands for General Purpose License… and is a type of license passed down to all wordpress copies.

This license allows users to do as they please after acquiring a certain software.

Anything built on top of wordpress will still carry out the GPL license.

Therefor you can still buy plugins and themes from someone else who has already bought them.

What the table is for?

We have put together this table to help you choose from 6 top GPL plugin providers.

It will make it easy to compare features and plans to see which one is the best for your use case.

Plus, it also includes a selection of the best themes and plugins combo to keep your site clean and fast.