ICO Investing Template

ICO Investing Template

Pick out the best hidden gems in crypto icos and 100x your money!

With the help of this template you will:

  • Research icos
  • Organize by launch date
  • Filter out scams and schemes
  • Rank icos by potential
  • Find the best projects

In search of the next bitcoin?

What’s an ICO?

Launching an ico is a way for companies to raise money (fundraising) so they can create a new coin, app, or service.

Investors buy into the offering and receive rewards in form of a new token.

Usually, they will need to hold a considerable amount and/ or also stake it to be eligible for the token public sale.

These offerings can yield massive returns for the investors. Doubling their investment but also turn out to be frauds or failed projects.

What you can do with this template?

Knowing how to do your own research is a must… For investing in this type of offerings or other projects popping up!

This template aims to help you pick the very best ico projects over and over again.

Download it and you will have a framework to follow and keep making high returns from ico investing!