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Profit Funnelz Review

Profit Funnelz Review

Earn Up To $4,921.45 Per Day With Done-For-You Product Funnels!

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May 24TH @9AM


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    What Is Profit Funnelz?

    Profit Funnelz 2 is a big collection of 100% Done-For-You Product Funnels in a variety of highly profitable niches.

    You can be up and running with just 2 clicks. There is virtually zero work with Profit Funnelz.

    Plus, free traffic is included, so there is little for you to do but sit back and watch the results come rolling in!

    What’s Included With Profit Funnelz?

    What Is Included With Profit Funnelz

    Top Quality Products

    Each Profit Funnelz contains completely done for you, high-quality, in-demand digital products (ebooks and video courses) people will love and gladly pay you money for.

    These are products in the HOTTEST niches online… virtually guaranteeing you the easiest results you’ve ever made.

    Hosted Websites

    Each Profit Funnelz is hosted by us, so you don’t have to worry about domains, hosting, downloading or installing.

    Profit Funnelz are polished, tested, and ready to begin delivering you sales the INSTANT you click the “Activation” link.

    Cash-Generating Sales Letters

    Each Profit Funnelz funnel has its own professionally created WHITE HOT sales pages that are so powerful, people won’t be able to resist tearing out their wallets to GIVE YOU MONEY!

    Full Sales Funnels

    Each Profit Funnelz is a FULL sales funnel including a front-end product selling for $17 and a highly desirable upsell product for $97.

    That means it’s possible to generate up to $114 for every visitor sent into any of the funnels!

    And you keep 100% of the results!

    All you have to do is “Activate” your Profit Funnelz, turn on the traffic, and you can literally be seeing REAL results from these funnels in the next 10 minutes (or less!)

    Free Traffic Included

    Once you’ve activated your Profit Funnelz, they will show you how to use our super-easy software to QUICKLY and EASILY generate rivers of FREE highly targeted, cash-in-hand traffic, so you can get daily, life-changing results on complete autopilot.

    The software is beginner easy. If you can “point and click” you can use this software to generate as much traffic as you’ll ever want or need!

    Launch Gifts

    In this product launch you will also get:

    • A 20% Discount
    • The Profit Funnelz “Product Empire” Formula
    • Automated, Auto-Pilot List Building Plugin
    • 10 Profit Funnelz Affiliate Niche Sites
    • $4k In A Day Training

    Who Is Profit Funnelz Ads For?

    It doesn’t matter:

    • How old you are.
    • If you’re rich or poor.
    • If you’re educated, or you left school after 3rd grade.

    There’s no special skills or experience required.

    You don’t need a drop of technical knowledge either.

    If you can point and click, you can make Profit Funnelz work for you today.

    Who Created Profit Funnelz?

    Profit Funnelz Product Creators

    This product was created by Team Black Belt which is made of 4 experienced internet marketers.

    Pallab, Ram, Art and Will have more than 100,000 sales under their belt (and those stats are just for product launches…)

    How Does It Work?

    How To Use Profit Funnelz In 2 Steps

    You can get started in just 2 steps:

    Click The Profit Funnelz Access Link
    Choose your Profit Funnelz and then click the “Access” link directly below it.

    Click The Profit Funnelz Activation Link
    Click the “Activation” link on the next page and get ready to begin making auto-pilot sales.

    That’s it… 2 Easy Clicks And You’re In Business!

    Profit Funnelz Demo

    Profit Funnelz Benefits

    Profit Funnelz Income Proof

    Here are some benefits you might be interested in getting:

    • 100% Completely Done For You – No Domains, Website, Or Hosting Needed
    • Includes unlimited FREE buyer traffic with just one click
    • If You Can Tie Your Shoes, You Can Get FAST Results With This
    • Virtually NO WORK Required
    • 100% Guaranteed To Work For ANYONE
    • People Just Like You Are Making Sales With This RIGHT NOW
    • It Works No Matter How Good Or Bad The Economy Is

    Click Here To Get Instant Access
    Plus get all my bonuses listed below…

    Pricing, Discounts And OTOS

    Profit Funnelz Price And OTOs

    Profit Funnelz is great because it provides you with all the materials you need to start making sales online.

    This means that you don’t need to waste your time creating sales materials and even pick products!

    But if you want to… You can still apply the same principles and contents to other products as well.


    You can get a 20% discount during the launch!

    FE – Profit Funnelz $17

    Profit Funnelz Is The World’s Easiest, Fastest, Most Hassle-Free Way To Generate Commissions Online!

    OTO1 – 18 More Profit Funnelz $29-39

    You now have everything you need to begin Making Money Online with simple Profit Funnelz… however… you now have the amazing opportunity to…

    “Make A LOT More Money A LOT Faster…
    WITHOUT Any Extra Work!”

    OTO2 – Profit Funnelz Pro $39-49

    “We Are Going To GIVE YOU The Exact Same Done-For-You Tools & Free Traffic Strategy We Used To Make $73,602.20 In Less Than 30 days WITHOUT Spending A Dime!

    OTO3 – Instant Money Machines $67-197

    Just Released! Powerful Software Turns ANY Blog Into An AUTOMATIC, AUTOPILOT Affiliate Cash Machine Running ON 100% Autopilot
    24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

    OTO4 – $500 a Day! $27-37

    How would you like to receive $500 per day… just for copying and pasting a few pages of content?

    We have discovered one of the most risk-free ways to do this, and all you have to do is copy and paste proven affiliate marketing campaign content, drive some traffic (with the FREE traffic plugin you get with Wealth Machines) and then sit back and watch the money roll in!

    OTO5 – Money Making Training $47

    The crazy thing is, even if you’re lazy, it works!
    “The Secret To Making Thousands Of Dollars PER DAY Is Simply Using The Right Words…”

    OTO6 – $37

    Nothing annouced yet!

    Profit Funnelz Bonuses

    What if YOU, without any experience or expertise could create a profitable digital product, ready to sell in a matter of days?

    Learn the exact method to create digital products online for huge profits, then rinse and repeat the method!

    Finally learn the skill which can create you the passive income lifestyle, where your online products sell 24/7, 365 days a year on autopilot!

    While using the 80/20 rule, did you know that 20% of your buyers bring in most of your sales?

    20% of your buyers are what we call your premium buyers. Folks who are often action takers and want to buy almost everything in your funnel.

    By mixing together your premium buyers and freebie seekers, you will impact your long-term growth.
    Find the “diamond in the rough” buyers and stop wasting your time.

    Split Testing Guide

    This is a 4-part video training series all about split testing.

    If you’re wanting to learn how to better your conversions, then you need to learn how to split test.

    Within this training, you’re going to get 4 different lessons on how this can be achieved.

    Click Here To Get Instant Access
    Plus get all my bonuses listed above….