Launch-O-Matic Review

Earn Passive Income Launching Products On WarriorPlus

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What Is Launch-O-Matic?

Launch-O-Matic will show you exactly how to plan, develop and release a product on WarriorPlus just like those guys who make a ton of sales passively.

What’s Included With Launch-O-Matic?

Launch-O-Matic has a lot of content packed into the member’s area divided in 11 section or modules If you will.


Introduction video to the materials being covered, some background about the product creator, and how to access support.

Start Here

General overview of how everything works and ties together from a big picture view.

You will understand:

  • How the money flow works between merchants, affiliates, and marketplace fees.
  • What it takes to launch a product and all the steps.
  • Best traffic sources you can leverage to make the most sales
  • What WarriorPlus looks like for vender and how to read data


Goes more in depth on the pillars of successful product launches:

  • Funnel’s structure and best practices
  • Creating JV Pages and Docs
  • Best outsourcing sites and how to use them
  • What to put in a sales page
  • Autoresponders and opt-in pages
  • Listing products on MunchEye
  • Exclusive JV Groups
  • Choosing the best affiliates to promote your products
  • Create a support desk and handle requests
  • Set up legal pages and stay GDPR compliant

Step-by-step instructions

Similarly, to the case studies it uses a real product to teach you by example. It starts with the product being used and the jumps into:

  • Sales pages, mailing list and graphics
  • Listing the product on WarriorPlus
  • Testing everything before launching
  • What to expect and first day sales

Case Study

Launching process applied to a real product including:

  • JV Page and Doc
  • Sales page
  • Sales analytics

Advanced strategies (OTO1)

A set of advanced strategies that will help you get faster results as a product creator/ vendor:

  • Use coupons on WarriorPlus to get more sales
  • Set affiliate commissions for all affiliates or individual affiliates (best performers)
  • Make more sales using bundles
  • Promote related products for more sales
  • Sell more by leveraging events

Using PLR to make a product (OTO2)

Create unique product by reusing PLR products.

Digital product workshop

Upcoming product workshop.


List explaining commonly used terms in the internet marketing industry.


Page with recommended tools/ software to use.


Access support desk and leave a message if you need any help.


Serves as inspiration to your own legal pages. You can replicate them and change if needed.


The frontend product without any upgrades includes 3 bonuses:

  • Launch loopback
  • Quick guide to sales conversion
  • Sales copy demystified

Who Is Launch-O-Matic For?

Have you tried any of these without little or no success?

  • Affiliate marketing
  • YouTube videos
  • Harassing people on Messenger
  • Clogging your social media feeds with come-ons

If you are into internet marketing the answer is probably a YES! And most newbies do because it is easier for them to dip their toes into.

But you have probably wondered about how much the real product creators earn while other promote their stuff…

Product or content creators are in fact the ones that have most of the leverage! This means that they create a product once, affiliates generate the traffic, and they keep getting revenue after the official launch.

Who Created Launch-O-Matic?

Launch-O-Matic Creator

Ken Bluttman decided to pass down his experience as a successful WarriorPlus product creator by launching Launch-O-Matic.

In just 2 years he was able to reach $500,000 with his own product launches and that says a lot about the experience acquired in the internet marketing niche as well.

How Does Launch-O-Matic Work?

Launch-O-Matic Members Area

It’s mostly a video training series packing some extra materials which puts it under the info product category.

You can watch all the modules by default order because everything is organized from step one until the last one. After watching it you can start creating your own passive income sources by launching your own products.

I noticed that even thought most of the income and course cover product creation and launching some of it contents can al so be used by affiliates and you could do both to diversify your income streams and get double benefits!

Why double?

Because if you are both a vendor and affiliate your email list will grow slightly faster than usual. In this industry list build and buyer lists are one of the best and easy to manage traffic sources that can help stabilize or scale your monthly sales.

Launch-O-Matic Pros And Cons


  • Creating products is very profitable and a great source of passive income but it’s even better when using affiliates as you will learn inside.
  • Product creator is an expert in product launches
  • Broken down step-by-step
  • A lot of valuable content in the frontend product alone.
  • Very in-depth content regarding the WarriorPlus platform, getting good affiliates and more…
  • Good insights that can really make a difference between getting 0 sales or being a best seller.


  • Product listing focus mainly on WarriorPlus marketplace but there are other where you can also sell your product such as JVZoo and ClickBank.
  • Email marketing training relies on Aweber.
  • No training for creating/ designing pages.


The training is focused on using the WarriorPlus marketplace which is great for information products. But to be fair it’s exactly advertised as that and not as including modules for every single marketplace out there.

For the sake of flexibility, the training regrading the mailing lists is covering the most important things to implement which means they can work on any autoresponder regardless.

No it is not technical training showing how to build landing pages using software but rather how you would structure them and what to include for best results. This means that if you are a newbie you will need to learn how to use your funnel or page builder of choice. It does cover technical steps about the marketplace mentioned.

How Much Does Launch-O-Matic Cost?

Lauch-O-Matic Prices And OTOs

Front End – Launch-O-Matic $27

Covers everything related to successful product launches:

  • Preparing your product
  • Listing it on WarriorPlus
  • Making it go live.
  • Sales pages
  • JV pages
  • Setting up autoresponders

OTO1 – Advanced Strategies $37

Advanced strategies to make even more sales with every single product launch using:

  • Cross selling
  • Coupons and discounts
  • Private promotions

OTO2 – PLR Training $47

Turn PLR into a new and unique product. You no longer need to create a product from scratch and expect it to sell when you can use proven to work and already done-for-you products.

OTO3 – DPW Access $199

Limited offer where you can get access to a high-ticket digital product workshop for $199 instead of the regular $997 price tag.

Launch-O-Matic Bonuses

3D Product Box

While creating products you will need to find a way to create stunning product boxes to help you sell the product and without spending tons of time or money.

This bundle will allow to create 3D premium product boxes fast that you can use for your products.

You will get templates, PSD files for photoshop and some other resources that can be used even if you don’t have it installed.

After getting your product done come the JV Page and Docs.

Providing email swipes and products descriptions is great but why not provide ad templates to ensure they get better conversions?

You can use these to promote your own products or give to affiliates to run ad campaigns, for social media banners, review articles and so on.

Video training series with 20+ step-by-steps videos that fill the gaps regarding the technical knowledge required to use WarriorPlus and how to make the most out of it.

Goes a little more in depth than the main product and complements the teaching included inside.