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Hidden PLR Review

Hidden PLR Review

No BS Way To Make Maximum Sales In Minimum Time With Any PLR Product


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    What Is Hidden PLR?

    Hidden PLR is a proven 3-step process that you can implement quickly and easily to help you sell more copies of any licensed product to end customers, than you have ever sold before.

    This is currently on a dime sale, which means the price will increase over time with each sold copy. Although, it will open with a price tag as low as $5!

    What’s Included With Hidden PLR?

    To provide as much information as possible, I have gone ahead and reached out to asked for a review copy, so you can know exactly what’s included inside the package.

    Inside the downloaded file, you will find the following:

    Read Me First Guide

    If you don’t know where to star or how to use the product, they will literally give you all the steps you need to take in this short guide.

    Hidden PLR Video Tutorial

    The golden nuggets of these products are all on this 1 hour and 25 minutes video. All the how-to knowledge and insights are packed here.

    As mentioned above, the process is made of 3 main steps. Here’s what you will learn in each one:

    • Step 1: Package your product uniquely (this is where you will work out the product perceived value!)
    • Step 2: Layout and set up your promotional materials.
    • Step 3: Rewrite/ rebrand the products to make them unique.

    Hidden PLR Transcript

    When I saw the title, the first thing it came to mind was that this was just an automatically generated wrote script from the video.

    Couldn’t be further from the truth.

    Instead, I was surprised with a 35-page guide with all the information present on the video, but also extra resources as well.

    7 Special Reports

    The cherry on top of the cake and the last component is this amazing bonus package with sales letters and PLR licenses,  which include the following products:

    Blogging for bucks

    Get hired and paid to write for someone else’s blog.

    Find out:

    • Where to find a lot of blogging jobs
    • How to analyze these opportunities to pick the ones who can make you a decent income
    • Stand out from other applicants and impress the person doing the hiring
    • Extra ways to make more money

    Business Changers

    10 tips to make more profits with your online business.

    Focuses on high impact aspects of business you need to change not only to make more profits but also to really own in your efforts and build a strong presence in the mind of the costumer.

    Order Boosters

    27 ways to create urgency and make people buy your products right now.

    Sometimes people are on the fence about whether they should buy something from you.

    Usually, it takes more than on contact for them to buy… But there’s a way to bypass all of that and get more orders from the get-go, and that’s by combining a specific set of powerful triggers you will find on this guide.

    From Zero To Profit

    Why is $1000 the special number? What does it mean?

    Well, think about… If you can in fact reach this dollar milestone, it will be much easier to make more money online!

    This report will teach you how to reach that goal.

    The plan is to:

    • Pick a hot PLR niche
    • Create $100 worth PLR products (insane profit per sale)
    • Get buyers in front of your offer.

    M.I.N.I. Membership Model

    Create a successful membership site for consistent and passive cashflow.

    M.I.N.I. stands for:

    • Market – choose a good market to sell memberships
    • Information – using PLR content for your membership
    • Network – protect your site, collect payment and more
    • Invite – turn your prospects into paying costumers

    Content Cash

    Instead of creating content yourself, you will be aggregating other’s people content (content curation) on your blog and making money with it.

    But first you will need to figure out:

    • Where to get this content
    • How to make the content more valuable to the readers
    • And how do you make money from this strategy.

    Resale ROI

    27 ways to get sellable goods without buying them.

    Get your hands on plenty of free stuff, from toys to clothing to expensive travel vouchers.

    Best of all, these are ideas that are available to almost everyone:

    • They work no matter where you live in the world.
    • These ideas work without regard to ability (or disability).
    • You don’t need any special knowledge or connections.

    Who Is Hidden PLR For?

    This product can be a perfect fit for newbies, but will also help you out if you have been trying to sell PLR products for a while and weren’t able to get the results you expected!

    One of the reasons that you are not getting any sales might be that you are doing one of these things wrong… It could be:

    • Bad rebranding
    • Lack of good JV Partners (or very few of them)
    • You are just following generic training from the PLR provider
    • Or maybe your traffic generation method needs some tweaks!

    How Does It Work?

    Nothing to complicated here.

    Just download the product, open the starting guide and everything is outlined for you.

    It will be delivered in a zip format, which you can easily open in any OS you might be using.

    Who Created Hidden PLR

    Hidden PLR Product Creators

    This package was put together by Nick and Kate.

    Nick James sold his first info product back in 2001 using traditional direct mail.

    Today, together with his wife Kate, they run eShowcase Inc., a digital publishing company.

    Hidden PLR Benefits

    Here are some benefits you might be interested in:

    • Product creator has 20 years of experience selling licensed products
    • A lot of value for just $5 (if you don’t miss the dime sale!)
    • Get more sales in less time
    • 7 special reports included with PLR and premium sales materials you can reuse to make profits from.

    Click Here To Get Instant Access
    Plus get all my bonuses listed below…

    Pricing, Discounts And OTOS

    Hidden PLR OTOs, Pricing and Upsells

    Frontend – Hidden PLR $5 (DIMESALE)

    The main product with everything included as mentioned on the section above.

    OTO1 – PLR Newsletter $1-29/ Month (PLR Content Monthly)

    $1 for a 10-day trial, after that it will cost $29 a month.

    No compromise there. Try it out and keep using if you want to.

    Discover how to get fresh new content and set up a simple continuity program for your customers in the EASIEST WAY ever.

    OTO2 – Back Issue Access $97-114 (Internet Marketing Magazines)

    Can be paid as a single fee of $97 or in 2 times $57 payment.

    Private label rights to all 120+ previously launched Internet Marketing magazines.

    That’s over 3,800 pages of exclusive content that you can reuse!

    OTO3 – Product Licensing Formula $68.95 (Make Money With Product Licensing)

    Simple process Nick uses every day to make a very healthy profit with product licensing.

    Some things you will learn inside include how to create brand-new product with a low budget, identify winner licenses, build authority for your name and brand.

    OTO4 – 2 Months Inner Circle Mastermind Membership $400 (Private High End Training)

    Join a private mastermind group with access to live calls and video.

    Hidden PLR Bonuses

    In this course, you’ll learn how to build a brand that people are passionate about, how to attract and profile the right kinds of leads to your site, and how to manage those leads, so you know exactly who to sell to and when.

    The result is a much more engaged and targeted user-base and a LOT more sales for you!

    SEO is the best way to get free targeted, no matter what product or service you might be promoting.

    By using specific keywords, you can get traffic from people who are already looking to buy a specific product.

    Learn the exact step-by-step method on how to use SEO to market successfully!

    The product already includes some PLR products ready to get started.

    However, I will also provide you with even more as well.

    This package includes resources to download a ton of PLR for free, including articles, ebooks, video and so on.

    Get access to 7 special reports with sales letters and PLR, which have double utility:

    • Personal use – learn the contents and use them to reach your goals
    • Rebrand and resell – Start point to get going at first, even if you don’t own any PLR products.

    Click Here To Get Instant Access
    Plus get all my bonuses listed above….