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Gift Machine Review

Gift Machine Review

4800+ Email List & $600+ in Commissions With This New List Building Software!

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    What Is Gift Machine?

    Gift Machine is a software that allows you to build an email list without annoying visitors and making them bounce off your site!

    Using a little floating, animated gift icon randomly placed on the site which can attract people to click on it and unlock a surprise gift your visitors will be happy to receive.

    Who Is Gift Machine For?

    gift machine list building results

    If you are facing a decrease in your opt-ins gift machine will give a boost to your list building increasing your opt-ins, conversions and allowing you to build a list of responsive buyers.

    This is useful for any online business who relies on email marketing (one of the most powerful marketing channels!) to retarget their costumers, send notification of new products, discounts or even to promoted related products.

    So, whether you are working in:

    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Ecommerce
    • Lead Gen
    • Local Marketing
    • And More…

    The software will be very useful to grow your costumer/ audience database.

    Gift Machine Benefits

    Here are some benefits you might be interested in getting:

    • Start Building Your List in Under 60 Seconds
    • No Page Builder Needed – New Auto List Builder
    • Use on WordPress & Non WordPress Sites too.
    • Capture Unlimited Leads & Store Them for Free
    • Really Simple to Use, Just 60 Seconds & Done

    How Does Gift Machine Work?

    Most websites are usually built-in top of WordPress due to its easy of use and flexibility.

    You would install Gift Machine just like any other WordPress plugin and then start customizing on the Gift Machine tab that will appear just below the post tab on the left side menu.

    From the drop-down menu you can access the following options:

    All Gifts
    Gifts you have already created will be displayed with the number of total leads generated. Plus you can view all the leads without leaving WordPress or download them in a CSV file.

    Those can also be edited or deleted individually or by using the bulk actions.

    Add New
    By using this you can create new Gifts.

    First you will need to add a title and then tweak the rest of the options: Gift Delivery Page/ Thank You Page, Gift Icon and Popup Window Content, Icon Display Seconds, Gift Animation and Gift Visibility Options.

    Quick overview of the Total Leads, leads you got today, in the last 7 days and in the last 30 days. Below you can see the same stats for each individual Gift you have active.

    External Sites
    Use Gift Machine on any site by clicking on “Get Code” for that gift and pasting that code on your website.

    See a list of all collected leads.

    Includes 3 tutorial videos:

    • Main Plugin + SAAS Addon Installation
    • PRO Plugin Installation and Features
    • Jacker addon Installation and Features

    And access to the support system using tickets.

    Gift Machine Demo

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    How Much Does Gift Machine Cost?

    gift machine prices and otos

    FE – Gift Machine $27

    OTO1 – Gift Machine Pro $37

    OTO2 – SAAS Addon $37

    OTO3 – Jacker Addon $27

    OTO4 – Developers License $47

    OTO5 – 50 Icons Pack $37

    OTO6 – Traffic Upgrade $37

    Gift Machine Bonuses

    Let’s admit it, to survive on the Internet, promoting your website is not enough!

    If you’d like to see much bigger and more consistent profits, there is one thing that you absolutely must do right now. And that’s email marketing.

    Discover the secret methods of how to build a huge list of hungry subscribers eager to learn and buy everything you’ve got.

    If I gave you a set of numbers and rambled on with facts regarding those numbers, how likely would I hold your attention?

    If, on the other hand, I told you a story about a guy who defied the odds and somehow incorporated the same numbers into the story, does this change the landscape for you?

    There’s a good chance you picked the second option, i.e, the story. Humans love stories, and it’s been that way for as far back as we go.

    How To Keep Email Subscribers

    Learn How to Keep Your Email Subscribers.

    Indeed, the money is on the list.

    That’s why you decided to build your own email list but as you go along, building a list is not just your task that you have to take care of.

    There is the concern of how to make your list conversion increase and most of all how to keep your list intact or at least you have a low number of attrition.

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