I have wasted a lot of time trying out different platforms, software and apps. There are just too many choices.

I thought it would be useful to share the best tools I'm using right now.

Some of them will even get you a sweet discount!


Yes, there's some weird merch for sure. The merch store is where I throw my ideas besides Instagram and Twitter.

Besides the odd piece of clothing and accessories, you will find some useful services.

Soon I will beading some YouTube SEO packages to help those you might need to rank higher.

But I'm going to also provide weekly grid bot templates with everything set up so you can copy/paste and profit!

I usually do this research anyway since it's part and core of my work as a content creator and crypto investor.

And of course, it's also a way to support my work since I don't display ads on any of my media channels!

Best Overall Exchange

Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange available. Very popular for low trading fees and tons of coins available to trade.

Investment products are also available for some passive crypto income. You can stake, save, farm, and take part in dual investments.

No matter your investor risk profile, you will be sure to find one that fits your needs.

Some new coins are also launched on their launchpad, and you can get a piece by staking some BNB.

Another way to get new coins for free is to hold some BNB on the vault, while also getting rewards in BNB itself!

Top Altcoin Exchange

KuCoin is one of the best exchanges to pick new altcoin gems (exclusive to the platform).

If you are the kind of guy who prefers passive crypto profits, try out their USDT lending with a 21.5% annualized rate!

And it's by far their best investment product recommended by us (or some random internet guy).

Other investment products available are KCS Earn, Bonus, Pool, Win, and Spotlight.

You can also run trading bots, for free, inside the platform… Although not the best when compared with others.

Wait! I also got you hooked with an 20% trading fee discount.

Best Savings Account

It's awesome when you can make so many profits with crypto. Yet, they are everything but stable!

Markets may look like an unpredictable rollercoaster! We never 100% what's going to happen in the future.

That's exactly why using a crypto savings account is great to diversify. But also, to earn passive income even when the markets are down.

You get both of the best worlds with Nexo: High fixed interest rates and capital gains!

As time goes by your portfolio will grow in value and you will end up having much more crypto than before.

I use it as one of my crypto stashes to earn more over my grid bot trading gains!

Best Crypto Wallet

Wallets are generally safe… But a simple app on your phone is never as safe as a hardware wallet!

If you take crypto security seriously, you should think about getting a Ledger wallet.

Allocating some of your gains to a cold wallet is a great safety mechanism.

Especially if you don't need instant access to them, which makes it great for long-term holds.

Ledger will even let you stake some of them, like other platforms, for more passive income.

Not your private keys, not your funds!

Top Grid Bot

Kinda my personal favorite for simple and emotionless trading automation…

It draws lines on the chart and executes many buy and sell orders, making gains out of volatility.

If the bot is within a certain price range, it will buy on the dip and execute partial sells when the price increases!

That means less risk and more profits. Whether you are in a sideways or bullish market even without massive moves.

Advanced options include trailing up and down. Very useful to avoid missing out on profits or further losses.

Backtesting and recommended settings make it much easier as you can select a pair and be ready in a few!

Advanced Trading Bot

3Commas is the best choice for advanced users. Those who might want more control over their strategies.

No biggie. Only 120,000 crypto traders and $60 million in volume per day!

Some of the bots available on the site include Grid bots, DCA bots, HODL bots, and more.

Users can also copy pro traders and get to profit while they drink margaritas.

DCA bots are great but for grid bots, I prefer using bitsgap due to its ease of use.

Portfolio Managment Tool

Using clunky spreadsheets and checking in every few days is a pain in the dodgeass! Whether you want to rebalance or DCA your portfolio

Shrimpy can just automate all your portfolio rebalancing based on a specific term such as monthly, weekly…

Or rebalance if a coin increases a certain percentage from the original.

It makes sure your risk gets spread out according to your strategy. Or if you prefer you can let it create an automated index for you!

You will have more time to ape another trade or flip your ugly PNGs on Opensea.

Best Autoresponder

Simple tool to automate all your email marketing and list building.

It's much more than an autoresponder. Subscribing will give access to landing pages, a website builder, webinars, and more

Considering all the features the price is actually not bad at all!

If you sign up for the free plan you can add up to 500 contacts to your list, which makes it great for beginners.

You can upgrade once you start scaling up.

Producing enough revenue to pay for the subscription is not too shabby!

Affordable Hosting

SkySilk is my own hosting provider of choice for private VPS servers.

Most web hosting providers are cheap but share one server with a bunch of users.

As one can guess, this sometimes results in slowdowns when there are a lot of visitors.

Security issues can also be a problem as some users of the same server might be able to exploit it!

With this company, you get both of the best worlds: fast & affordable private hosting.

I'm getting high scores in google page speed insights for both Desktop and Mobile.

Domain Names

Namecheap is a trusted domain registrar and tech company. Its motto is providing competitive prices and reliable services.

Most domains I got were from this site due to their pricing being the best and the dashboard's simplicity.

Besides domain names there are also hosting, WordPress, and email services available!

Namecheap doesn't force you to pay for unnecessary services or bloat.

You can pay to use only the services you want to. So, you can feel free to use products from different providers.

Landing Page Builder

Building landing pages every day takes a toll… but you need them!

Without pages dedicated to conversions, it's very hard to promote anything with ads.

Also happens for free traffic at the end stage of the buyer's journey. Conversions will suffer without them!

There are few builders that can reach the standards of Unbounce. The landing pages load fast and are easy to build, and A/B test.

Never used AI to create high-converting marketing campaigns before?

Then give the trial a GO!

Link Tracker

Google Analytics is fine and all, at least for site analytics but not for paid traffic campaigns!

Voluum is the best tracker you can use to track, manage and optimize your ads.

Most big affiliates, media buyers, and agencies choose Voluum. Not only because of the features but also for the great support.

Rule-based automation is one of the most interesting features. Saves hours of work when an ad is already running.

You can leave your chair without your ads going bonkers and blowing your budget.

Keyword Tool

KeySearch is not the most popular keyword research tool out there.

But the plans are very affordable when compared to other SEO and keyword research tools!

You can check competitive and search volume scores, backlinks, referrers, and much more.

Out of content ideas? Use the tool and you will find a huge stream of content ideas sorted for you.

A great option if Hrefs or SEMrush are looking like a high-end product only agencies can afford.

Works for YouTube keyword research too and that's what I use it for!

Monthly PLR Products

PLR products are the 5th wonder of the internet. Don't ask me why it’s called SCIENCE!

Private label rights products allow you to snag a one-for-you product and reuse them.

You can rebrand, rewrite, and repurpose into a lot of different combinations.

PLR database has a lot of different categories such as internet marketing.

But there are always your typical wealth, health, and relationship niches too. There's no shortage of products!

On the site, you will also find a dedicated section with free content to teach you how to sell any products.

This is how you can create lead magnets, bonuses, and content very fast.

WordPress Plugins & Themes

If you do any type of content marketing, freelancing, or anything else…

Chances are you have already used the WordPress CMS.

Then you know how expensive a WordPress website can get when adding themes & plugins.

WordPress itself is free, but the extra costs can add up fast without you even noticing.

Festingervault delivers almost any addon available for a fraction of the cost.

It's not a one-time thing! You will still get new plugins and theme updates when released.

Find The Best Ads

Finding high-performing campaigns is no easy task.

Media buyers need to spend a lot of money and time so that they can find profitable ads, copy, and headlines.

Spy tools such as Anstrex allow you to spy on the competition. For finding what's already working before spending a dime.

Anstrex suite includes competitive analysis tools for Push, Pop, Native, and even Ecommerce.

Finding successful placements is easy and you can create your own whitelists beforehand.

Avoid all the bot traffic others might have bought before while testing themselves.

You don't need to spend extra on a landing page editor! It's already included as well.

Fresh Affiliate Forum

Affiliate marketing is not always easy.

It is much easier when you have a group of like-minded people to help.

affLIFT will provide you with that group of people and some great information to help.

A lot of good information is in Guides, Follow Alongs, Casestudies, and Landing Page Examples.

There's no theory here! Everything is tested by other users before publication. So you can learn from experienced marketers and real campaigns.

The cherry on top is their drag-and-drop landing page builder. It's free to use even on accounts with free subscriptions!

Affordable Software

Starting an online business is a great endeavor that often requires the right tools for the job… And most of the times software!

The thing is most Software as A Service (SAAS) is very expensive for small businesses.

Those monthly fees can chip away your profitability on the first few weeks or months! But it does not have to be that way.

If you are looking for a specific app to help you grow your online business…

Chances are that there's either a deal for it or other affordable alternatives

With AppSumo you can get the software that makes your business work for onetime fee deals or at a big discount.

They curate all upcoming apps and make it a no brainer to find what you need, when you need it, at the right price!

You will find automation software, lead generation, copywriting tools and much more…