Crypto Margin Lending

Crypto Margin Lending

Make $549 Per Year Passively With Crypto (No Trading Required)

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What Is Margin Lending?

Margin lending is done when you loan assets to traders who want to do margin trading on a specific website (exchange).

The particularity of margin lending is that the loan is made for a specific trade (the borrower cannot do whatever he wants with the assets) and that the exchange platform, acting as a middleman, offers several protections to the lender, ensuring very low risk of not getting your money back.

How Safe Is Margin Lending?

Exchanges have high volume and liquidity.

Due to that fact they always have reserve funds to ensure that there’s no risk in loss of assets and ensure payment of interest.

Lending bots are also safe since they can only use permissions defines by you in the API settings, which means that they will only be able to lend and read your balance.

Who Is Margin Lending For?

This type of lending is for anyone who wants to earn interest over their crypto or even in regular currencies such as US Dollar, Euro and so on without having deep knowledge about trading or the markets.

It’s also perfect for people who don’t have enough time to trade but still want to get involved with crypto, because this can be run on autopilot by using a lending bot!

How Does Margin Lending Work?

To make this work you will need 3 things:

  • Crypto exchange account
  • Lending bot
  • Some balance (crypto or not)

For lending the best performing exchanges are Bitfinex and Poloniex. They usually have the best interest rates and protection when compared with others.

Creating an account is probably the easiest step. All you need to do is visit their sites and follow along.

Lending Bot
I recommend two that I have used in the past CoinLend and Cryptolend.

The first can be used for absolutely free and the second charges a bit for payment plus a percentage of the income generated.

For this example I used Cryptolend as you can see in the video.

You will need to get out some money in the exchange of your preference to lend it out.

This can be done from the exchange itself… But you can also use CoinBase and get a few extra bucks by completing some quizzes!

Putting Everything Together
Now you will need to create an API key on your exchange and connect it with the bot, start it and that’s it.

How To Make Money Using Coinbase

How Much Does Cryptolend Cost?

Cryptolend Free Membership $0

  • Free Membership
  • Totally free. Nothing to pay, ever!
  • All available currencies on 3 different exchanges
  • Unlimited lending volume
  • Unlimited number of bots @ 2min polling
  • Dedicated lending data and charts
  • Basic bot strategy

Cryptolend Premium Membership 3%/Gains

  • Premium Trial access for free for 15 days.
  • 3% on gains. Pay only when you earn.
  • All available currencies on 3 different exchanges
  • Unlimited lending volume
  • Unlimited number of bots @ 2min polling
  • Dedicated lending data and charts
  • Your assets managed by Cryptolend
  • Unlimited use of Boost ™ technology
  • Unlimited access to strategies and settings
  • Email alerts
  • Reports and statements
  • VIP support
  • Multi-accounts functionalities
  • Large fund introduction (contact us to benefit from our experience)

Margin Lending Resources

Bitfinex has high USD liquidity, low fees, many order types, margin trading and lending market.

Poloniex has many altcoins to trade in, margin trading in altcoins and goood liquidity.

Coinbase also has high liquidity, integrated debit and credit cards, and it’s newbie friendly.

This site is the easiest to buy cryptocurrencies fast.

If you don’t have your exchange accounts verified there’s always the option to use Coinbase and transfer crypto to different exchanges.

Plus Coinbase earn gives you free crypto by just answering simple questions!

Cryptolend is great because anyone can lend without paying anything!

It has both simple and advanced strategies to loan your assets and very affordable premium plan.

Also excels in the resources and video tutorials that teach you how to set up everything by yourself.