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CPA SUITE is a complete system of step-by-step video training and a CPA software tool.

What Is Included With CPA SUITE?

what cpa suite is

CPA SUITE includes:

  • CPA Offer Finder
  • Landing Page Builder
  • PPC Ads Finder
  • CPA Training

CPA Offer Finder
Finding the right CPA offer to promote can sometimes be difficult. There are a lot of things to take into consideration such as verticals (or niches), payout, GEO (locations allowed), traffic cost and conversion rates.

This search tool will allow you to easily find the best offers by comparing them with other offers which give better ROI (Return On Investment).

It’s also very useful to find international offers that have never seen before!

Landing Page Builder
In the past direct linking was okay and a lot of affiliates were able to get results by doing so. But today the costumer journey has changed and most paid traffic sources don’t even allow direct linking.

That’s here landing pages come in! They allow anyone to promote affiliate offers with any traffic source and get not only better conversions rates but also capture leads to retarget latter on!

Having this included in the product is awesome because you don’t need to go out there and pay for another tool. Within 60 seconds you can create your own landing page for any CPA offer.

PPC Ads Finder
Finding ads that work with PPC is the most exhausting task because you will need to test multiple offers and not all of them work or get conversions out of the bat.

The best approach is always to focus on offers that are proven-to-work either by yourself (which is impossible when starting out!) or from someone else. That way you save your budget and your time.

By using this tool you can:

  • Spy the Ads of your competitors
  • Find keywords used by them
  • And also their landing pages

Giving you the best chances to succeed and remove most of the guess work.

CPA Training
Now, if you already have experience navigating these waters should not be a problem. However, for beginners it has been proven to be very hard to actually find proper guidance or exclusive training regarding CPA Marketing.

Having some sort of training is essential to avoid common mistakes which will burn your budget and build more obstacles.

CPA SUITE comes loaded with training focused on generating quick cashflow with CPA offers, even with a low budget. There’s even a $100 Coupon included.

The Modules of this training are:

  • Module #1 – Sign Up For CPA Networks
  • Module #2 – High Converting CPA Offer Selection
  • Module #3 – Decide Your Funnel (Brainstorming)
  • Module #4 – Create Your Funnel & More
  • Module #5 – Bring Traffic To Your Funnel


not needed to use cpa suite

Everybody teaches about easy low entry stuff regarding CPA marketing but not everyone will teach you how to:

  • Create high converting landing pages
  • Get targeted CPA traffic
  • Find offers that will convert for you
  • Do everything from scratch

Sometimes it can be difficult to find CPA offers that work, create landing pages that converts, figure out high performing PPC ads or any guidance for that matter!

CPA SUITE is perfect for you if you are tired of:

  • Searching the right offer to promote
  • Waiting to increase the Conversion Rate?
  • Experimenting everything they promised will work
  • Purchasing Solo Ads
  • Wasting money on Paid ads
  • Paying for hosting/domains

How Does CPA SUITE Work?

how to use cpa suite in 4 steps

You can start using CPA SUITE by following this 4-step process:

  • Find low competition and converting CPA offers
  • Follow over the shoulder training
  • Replicate the system and create the campaigns
  • Create more campaigns and scale to the moon!


CPA SUITE Benefits

cpa suite income proof

Here are some benefits you might be interested in getting:

  • ZERO Start Up Budget
    Passive Income Without Selling
  • Easily Discover Untapped High Converting Offers In Any Niche
  • Easily Compare Offers From Top Networks
  • Find Out Which Offers Convert The Best!
  • Secret of Getting Laser Targeted CPA Traffic!
  • BRAND NEW Beginner Friendly System
  • 365-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Done-For-You Pages
    Hosting Included.
  • Full Training Included.
  • No Monthly subscription. Pay once, get full ongoing access….
  • Hosting Included.
  • Full Training Included.
  • No Monthly subscription. Pay once, get full ongoing access….

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How Much Does CPA SUITE Cost?

cpa suite pricing and otos

FE – CPA SUITE $17 (Main Product)

OTO1 – Done-For-You $29-39 (DFY Campaigns & Promo Material)
100% Done For You Pack to get you started in next 05 min. This includes our TESTED & PROVEN work.

  • DFY Evergreen Affiliate Campaigns
  • DFY AUTOMATED Campaigns
  • DFY CPA Campaigns
  • DFY Social Media Promos
  • DFY Email Campaigns
  • DFY Engagement Posts
  • DFY Squeeze Pages
  • DFY Stock Music
  • DFY Images

OTO2 – Case Studies $39-49 (Replicate Successful Campaigns!)
Copy-Paste from 8 of our Real Life Case Studies (each one made us Thousands of Dollars).

It’s 100% Done For You – all you have to do is Copy-Paste these into your accounts, and you can start seeing results almost instantly!

We will show you exactly how to scale your online income up, from $100 a day to $200, $300 or even $500 per day with our unique Advanced Training & Strategies!

OTO3 – 6x Reseller License $67-197 (DFY Product)
Sell Simplrr & 5 High Converting Funnels as your own product and keep 100% Profits for yourself.

  • Make Up To $498 Per Sale
  • Resellers License To Traffic Turbine
  • Resellers License To 5 Additional Funnels
  • All Promo Material

OTO4 – 6-Fig Training $27-37 (+Advanced Training)
Want To Become A Super Affiliate?

Leverage these traffic & product training to build yourself a 6-fig business this year.

It includes:

  • Instagram Traffic Module
  • Google Ads Module
  • Product Creation Module

OTO5 – 3 Traffic Softwares $47 (Software Bundle)
Snatch 3 Additional Traffic Software For The Price of one!

  • Rapid Lead Magnets
  • Keyword Research Ninja
  • Twitter Marketing Bot

OTO6 – 45 WSOTD $37 (45 Top Products!)
Get your hands on every single product TEAM BLACK BELT released since 2015 that got a Warrior+ DOTD Award or the JVZoo POTD Award! This includes multiple traffic formulas, sales making strategies and even software!


cpa marketing excellence box

PPC advertising has been around for a while now and has established itself as the primary model for advertising on the web.

Of course, PPC advertising is ‘Pay Per Click’ advertising, which basically means that you only pay as an advertiser when someone clicks on your ad.

PPC and CPA are the perfect combination to generate commissions fast since you don’t need to actually sell anything, and you will get paid for simple actions that your visitors take such as submitting their email!

copywriting influence bundle

Discover How To Become More Of An Influence In Copywriting And Make More Sales… Anyone can use this to start boosting their online sales as soon as today.

You don’t need to invest money in outsourcing or do anything complicated. Results come fast, and you’ll be shocked at just how much more sales you’ll see at the start and especially over the long run.

Extremely useful to create high converting landing pages, email marketing campaigns, CTAs and so on…

Super bundle of resources, real case studies and tutorial videos to help you dominate push ads.

Push Ads are a PPC traffic source you can use to effectively promote CPA offers with a very low budget and get results very quickly when compared with other traffic sources.

This format as fewer bureaucracies associated (Yes Facebook I’m talking to you!), being less restrictive and more forgetful in terms of mistakes or guidelines.

Not only that but also gives the advantage to be able to collect push subscribers and retarget them at no extra cost!

cpa suite vendor bonuses access

Even more bonuses that the vendor will provide to you.

These are general vendor bonuses that most affiliates will use as their own!

There’s also 5 extra bonuses to add up to these.

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Plus get all my bonuses listed above….