CPA King Review

10,000 CPA Marketing Ebook + 8 PLR Modules


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What Is CPA King?

CPA King is a PLR package with around 10,000 words and 8 modules of PLR offers.

The first module is focused on CPA Marketing, and the other 7 are mostly about extra materials that can be used for promotion and to make profits with that same PLR product.

What’s Included With CPA King?

As stated, before this comes with 8 modules, and all have private label rights on their own.

Module 1 – High Quality Ebook with 10,000 Words

The focus of the whole package as it’s not only this module but also serves as name to the whole package: CPA King.

Inside you will find:

  • Find the best CPA offers quickly and easy
  • Why so many people lose money with CPA and how to avoid it
  • Getting to the cash in CPA
  • CPA networks to avoid
  • Which CPA networks work the best
  • Which offers work best and why to go after them
  • How to target the right CPA

Also included is an editable doc file, allowing you to edit the ebook as you see fit.

Module 2 – Beautiful Graphics with PSD Source Files

Access an entire library of graphics with PNG, JPG and PSD files ready to edit. They can be used to give your product a new name, face and to create other promo materials such as banners and so on.

Module 3 – Market Analysis Document

Market analysis document which covers Google Ads research with the respective bids for relevant keywords. Use them to promote the product and get extremely targeted traffic.

There’s other info as well such as expected click ratios, keyword lists, multiple titles for each book to avoid duplicated products with the same name.

It also includes a summary of the market and competition research for your brand-new product.

Module 4 – Sales Letter Starter Sheet

You don’t know how to sell PLR products?

No problem… This sales letter sheet with help you create high converting copy.

It comes loaded with:

  • Headlines
  • Sub headlines
  • Bullet points
  • Sub bullet points

Module 5 – Sales Letter Writer Software

Tool that will walk you step-by-step through writing your own sales letters for whatever product you might be promoting.

Great for beginners who might not have a lot of experience.

Even if you buy more PLR or get into the reselling business, the software can be used for all those products plus affiliate offers, Ecommerce etc.

Module 6 – Ad Copy Set for Facebook & Google Ads

Pre-written collection of ad copy ready to be used in Facebook Ads, Google Ads Twitter and other platforms or popular ad networks.

To get even more pieces of copy, you can just rewrite and tweak them to fit multiple angles.

The exact same set of copy can be used to write email swipes and social media posts for your content bank!

Module 7 – Private Label Rights Articles

25 high quality articles around the same subject.

They can be used on your blog or in email sequences/ follow-ups.

The average word count ranges from 500 to 700 words that can be rewritten into new content pieces.

Module 8 – Instant Reseller Program

Resell this package without the need of setting up complicated systems or payment processors.

Promote it as any other affiliate offer but get 100% commissions instead.

Reseller links get instant approval and a hosted copy of a website for free (no hosting fees whatsoever!) which get auto updated order buttons.

Who Is CPA King For?

Anyone who wants to start their CPA marketing business, avoid key mistakes, save their budget, and spend it efficiently, but also for those who might be looking for their next PLR product to do business with.

No matter which of those you are, the product will be a very good fit for you.

How Does CPA King Work?

CPA king has two main use cases:

  • Personal use
  • Resell

Meaning that you can learn from its contents and apply the lessons to your own online business, but also reuse the product to create new unique content or resell it as your own.

All the modules even make the reselling easier on you with graphics, copy, sales pages, and ad campaigns insider intel!

So, all you need to do is download the files and get to it.

What Can You Do With CPA King?

Here are just a few things you can do with this PLR package:

  • Add the content to your paid membership site
  • Sell the content directly
  • Sell it on Amazon Kindle Rework the content into your webinars
  • Turn it into paid email series
  • Use as a bonus for your affiliate offers
  • Create physical products from it
  • Create lessons for your coaching
  • Sell the content as backend offers
  • Use content to build a huge list
  • Create a podcast episode series
  • Use content for your newsletters
  • Use content as part of your new products
  • Translate & sell in multiple languages
  • Sell it with basic rights, or master resale rights
  • Offer it as a bonus to your paid offers
  • Convert the content into regular blog posts
  • Create viral giveaways on Facebook
  • Apply the info you learn to other PLR offers

CPA King Pros and Cons


  • CPA marketing is a very good cash flow business to go with
  • Product covers an evergreen niche and topics
  • All modules have private label rights and can be repurposed
  • Sales & promo materials inside the box
  • Ad copy and done-for-you keyword research saves a ton of time


  • Most PLR products have a certain degree of uncertainty as they cannot be displayed before purchase or with any review copy, otherwise it would expose the product and its contents already.
  • Goes through a lot of important of CPA marketing topics that might make or break your budget but doesn’t go full depth on campaign optimization as it is not the intent of the product.


Overall, it’s a PLR product with a good value preposition if you consider exactly what ‘s included for a very low-price tag, especially considering the reseller value as well!

Good for a CPA marketing tips & tricks, essentials, but not an end-all be all guide and constrained to its own word count.

I would rather go with this instead if I wanted to, a step-by-step CPA marketing system for getting setup plus sales. But as a PLR product, it’s a good one!

How Much Does CPA King Cost?

Frontend – CPA King $9.97

CPA King and all the 8 modules under one package. That is really about it… There are no upsells, downsells or otos mentioned by the product creator.

CPA King Bonuses

Create profitable CPA marketing campaigns by following step-by-step guides for multiple traffic sources.

Track conversions, optimize and scale to get more profits from your ads.

Learn from real case studies in different niches and get inspiration for your ad copy, images…

Rebrand PLR products the right way, and you will be not only able to sell them much faster, but also for a much higher price tag.

Reworking your product means nothing if you don’t know how to sell it right?

Discover the best places to sell your PLR for maximum exposure!

If you are looking for more genuine quality customers online, direct them to specially designed landing pages to increase conversions.

With a landing page, you can direct different market segments to appropriate landing pages, which will result in increased sales.

Learn how to develop a landing page system that will substantially improve your conversion rate and increase your profitability.