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Advance WordPress Mastery Kit Review

Advance WordPress Mastery Kit Review

Clean & Pro Websites Without A Single Line Of Code [PLR Rights Included]

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    What Is Advance WordPress Mastery Kit ?

    Advance WordPress Mastery Kit is a step-by-step training kit which covers everything about WordPress.

    By going through the training, you will learn everything you need to run fully functional websites without any complicated skills (YES! Even without a single line of code).

    From installing to:

    • Using editors
    • Themes
    • Plugins
    • Advanced features and functionalities
    • And much more

    Besides all of that, you still get full private label rights with premium sales materials inside.

    This means that besides learning everything from it, you can also resell and make big bucks without going through all the work required to create a product!

    What’s Included With Advance WordPress Mastery Kit?

    We are going to go through the Frontend product here, so if you want to check out other options, head over to the pricing and upsells section.

    With that said, the main product is divided in 17 modules:

    Not only that, but the firelaunchers team is also giving away 7 amazing bonuses already bundled with the product. Plus, there is also the PLR rights and my custom bonuses to add to the mix!

    The first module is where you will find the main training, meat, and potatoes or whatever you would like to call it… There are 15 videos, also named chapters if you want to follow the name scheme:

    Chapter 1 – WordPress introduction

    Chapter 2 – Where to install WordPress?

    Chapter 3 – Install WordPress on your local computer.

    Chapter 4 – Install WordPress manually on cPanel

    Chapter 5 – Install WordPress using softaculous

    Chapter 6 – WordPress dashboard overview

    Chapter 7 – Clearing out WordPress dummy content

    Chapter 9 – Classic WordPress editor

    Chapter 10 – The block WordPress Editor

    Chapter 11 – The Gutenberg WordPress Editor Templates

    Chapter 12 – The anatomy of block

    Chapter 13 – Playing with columns

    Chapter 14 – How to add blocks to build a post

    Chapter 15 – How to add images

    Chapter 17 – Reusable blocks

    Chapter 18 – WordPress Site Settings

    Chapter 19 – General Settings

    Chapter 20 – Writing Settings

    Who Is Advance WordPress Mastery Kit For?

    If you are a newbie to the web development scene, or you are just looking to create a good-looking and fast website, this package is the perfect fit for you.

    And you can do all of that without the hassle of designing the site, learning code and then putting it out there.

    Also, very appealing is the fact that anyone can easily resell and reuse the product due to the PLR license and high converting sales materials included.

    No need to create the sales materials yourself or spend hours on market research!

    Who Created Advance WordPress Mastery Kit?

    Who Created Advance WordPress Mastery Kit

    This amazing product was brought to life by Firelaunchers.

    An amazing team that produces high quality PLR products monthly.
    Sometimes you might even spot their products being offered as bonuses on my site.

    They can create such products because of their vast experience in the Digital Marketing industry.
    Having more than 55.455‬ sales under their belt surely means something after all!

    How Does It Work?

    If you want to resell, all you need to do is:

    • Download the package
    • Unzip
    • Upload and profit

    Advance WordPress Mastery Kit Benefits

    Advance WordPress Mastery Kit Benefits

    Here are some benefits you might be interested in getting:

    • Advance WordPress step-by-step training
    • Well-explained screen recorded videos
    • Unrestricted Private Label Rights
    • Complete DFY PLR Sales Funnel for your Customers
    • Ready-to-use sales materials
    • Design a website without any coding

    Click Here To Get Instant Access
    Plus get all my bonuses listed below…

    Pricing, Discounts And OTOS

    Advance WordPress Mastery Kit OTOs

    Advance Mastery Kit is great because it has everything newbies need to efficiently build their first site.

    Also serves internet marketers very well, since firelaunchers products are always top-selling products!

    Frontend Offer $11.95-14.95

    The Main Package includes the following modules:

    • Module #1 – 20 Step-by-step Tutorial Videos
    • Module #2 – Video Raw Files
    • Module #3 – Video Voice-Over Script
    • Module #4 – Audio Files
    • Module #5 – Professionally written Training guide
    • Module #6 – Chapter Images
    • Module #7 – 10 Unique Articles Bundled into One
    • Module #8 – Cheat Sheet
    • Module #9 – Mind Map
    • Module #10 – Top Resource Report
    • Module #11 – High Converting Sales Copy
    • Module #12 – Customer Sales video
    • Module #13 – Professional Graphics
    • Module #14 – Animated banners
    • Module #15 – Professionally written Email Swipes
    • Module #16 – Professional Minisites
    • Module #17 – Legal Pages

    With 7 Fast Action Bonuses:

    • Bonus 1 – WordPress LMS Course
    • Bonus 2 – Optimizing WordPress
    • Bonus 3 – WP Blog Roll Link Exchange Plugin
    • Bonus 4 – All-In-One Free Stock Photos WordPress Plugin
    • Bonus 5 – FB Fan Page Pro WordPress Plugin
    • Bonus 6 – WP Music Affiliate
    • Bonus 7 – Content Engage Plugin

    With 2 Flexible Licensing Options:

    • Personal Use
    • Unrestricted Private Label Rights

    Upsell Offer $29.95-47

    This upgrade includes:

    • Module #1 – 80 Step-by-step Tutorial Videos
    • Module #2 – 15 Professionally designed PPTs
    • Module #3 – Video Raw Files
    • Module #4 – Video Voice-Over Script
    • Module #5 – Audio Files
    • Module #6 – Product Graphics
    • Module #7 – High-Converting Upsell Sales Copy
    • Module #8 – Upsell Minisites
    • Module #9 – Expert sales video
    • Module #10 – Professionally written follow-up email swipes
    • Module #11 – Complete Lead Magnet System… Inside this you will get:
    • Sub Module #1 – Squeeze Page Index File
    • Sub Module #2 – Squeeze Page Copy
    • Sub Module #3 – Squeeze Page Graphics
    • Sub Module #4 – Squeeze Page Free Report
    • Sub Module #5 – Squeeze Page Follow-up Swipes

    With 9 Fast Action Bonuses:

    • Bonus 1 – 52 Niche WordPress Theme Collection
    • Bonus 2 – 5 Simple Ways To Secure Your WordPress Site
    • Bonus 3 – WP Theme Generator
    • Bonus 4 – BlogBook Plugin
    • Bonus 5 – WP Easy Custom Fields
    • Bonus 6 – Affiliate Link Cloaker WordPress Plugin
    • Bonus 7 – WP Plugin Powerpack
    • Bonus 8 – WP Sorceress
    • Bonus 9 – WP Promo Theme

    With 2 Flexible Licensing Options:

    • Personal Use
    • Unrestricted Private Label Rights

    Advance WordPress Mastery Kit Bonuses

    Did you that there are a ton of ways to make money not only with websites but also with WordPress itself?

    That’s right, and you don’t need to be any sort of expert!

    Learn the top 3 ways to make big bucks using it.

    Sometimes people just can’t afford a bunch of themes, plugins, and whatnot for every single client.

    It can get expensive even for agencies.

    What if you could get the exact same thing but much cheaper. I will show you how you can do exactly that for WordPress.

    In your search online, you may have come across an opportunity claiming that you can make money by reselling private label products. That is true.

    Whoever, you will need to know how to do it properly, otherwise you won’t get any sales.

    Learn how to rebrand, resell, and promote PLR products successfully.

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