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Profit Funnelz Review

Profit Funnelz Review

Earn Up To $4,921.45 Per Day With Done-For-You Product Funnels!

Get Ready!!

This Product Goes Live
May 24TH @9AM

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    What Is Profit Funnelz?

    Profit Funnelz 2 is a big collection of 100% Done-For-You Product Funnels in a variety of highly profitable niches.

    You can be up and running with just 2 clicks. There is virtually zero work with Profit Funnelz.

    Plus, free traffic is included, so there is little for you to do but sit back and watch the results come rolling in!

    What’s Included With Profit Funnelz?

    What Is Included With Profit Funnelz

    Top Quality Products

    Each Profit Funnelz contains completely done for you, high-quality, in-demand digital products (ebooks and video courses) people will love and gladly pay you money for.

    These are products in the HOTTEST niches online… virtually guaranteeing you the easiest results you’ve ever made.

    Hosted Websites

    Each Profit Funnelz is hosted by us, so you don’t have to worry about domains, hosting, downloading or installing.

    Profit Funnelz are polished, tested, and ready to begin delivering you sales the INSTANT you click the “Activation” link.

    Cash-Generating Sales Letters

    Each Profit Funnelz funnel has its own professionally created WHITE HOT sales pages that are so powerful, people won’t be able to resist tearing out their wallets to GIVE YOU MONEY!

    Full Sales Funnels

    Each Profit Funnelz is a FULL sales funnel including a front-end product selling for $17 and a highly desirable upsell product for $97.

    That means it’s possible to generate up to $114 for every visitor sent into any of the funnels!

    And you keep 100% of the results!

    All you have to do is “Activate” your Profit Funnelz, turn on the traffic, and you can literally be seeing REAL results from these funnels in the next 10 minutes (or less!)

    Free Traffic Included

    Once you’ve activated your Profit Funnelz, they will show you how to use our super-easy software to QUICKLY and EASILY generate rivers of FREE highly targeted, cash-in-hand traffic, so you can get daily, life-changing results on complete autopilot.

    The software is beginner easy. If you can “point and click” you can use this software to generate as much traffic as you’ll ever want or need!

    Launch Gifts

    In this product launch you will also get:

    • A 20% Discount
    • The Profit Funnelz “Product Empire” Formula
    • Automated, Auto-Pilot List Building Plugin
    • 10 Profit Funnelz Affiliate Niche Sites
    • $4k In A Day Training

    Who Is Profit Funnelz Ads For?

    It doesn’t matter:

    • How old you are.
    • If you’re rich or poor.
    • If you’re educated, or you left school after 3rd grade.

    There’s no special skills or experience required.

    You don’t need a drop of technical knowledge either.

    If you can point and click, you can make Profit Funnelz work for you today.

    Who Created Profit Funnelz?

    Profit Funnelz Product Creators

    This product was created by Team Black Belt which is made of 4 experienced internet marketers.

    Pallab, Ram, Art and Will have more than 100,000 sales under their belt (and those stats are just for product launches…)

    How Does It Work?

    How To Use Profit Funnelz In 2 Steps

    You can get started in just 2 steps:

    Click The Profit Funnelz Access Link
    Choose your Profit Funnelz and then click the “Access” link directly below it.

    Click The Profit Funnelz Activation Link
    Click the “Activation” link on the next page and get ready to begin making auto-pilot sales.

    That’s it… 2 Easy Clicks And You’re In Business!

    Profit Funnelz Demo

    Profit Funnelz Benefits

    Profit Funnelz Income Proof

    Here are some benefits you might be interested in getting:

    • 100% Completely Done For You – No Domains, Website, Or Hosting Needed
    • Includes unlimited FREE buyer traffic with just one click
    • If You Can Tie Your Shoes, You Can Get FAST Results With This
    • Virtually NO WORK Required
    • 100% Guaranteed To Work For ANYONE
    • People Just Like You Are Making Sales With This RIGHT NOW
    • It Works No Matter How Good Or Bad The Economy Is

    Pricing, Discounts And OTOS

    Profit Funnelz Price And OTOs

    Profit Funnelz is great because it provides you with all the materials you need to start making sales online.

    This means that you don’t need to waste your time creating sales materials and even pick products!

    But if you want to… You can still apply the same principles and contents to other products as well.


    You can get a 20% discount during the launch!

    FE – Profit Funnelz $17

    Profit Funnelz Is The World’s Easiest, Fastest, Most Hassle-Free Way To Generate Commissions Online!

    OTO1 - 18 More Profit Funnelz $29-39

    You now have everything you need to begin Making Money Online with simple Profit Funnelz… however… you now have the amazing opportunity to…

    “Make A LOT More Money A LOT Faster…
    WITHOUT Any Extra Work!”

    OTO2 - Profit Funnelz Pro $39-49

    “We Are Going To GIVE YOU The Exact Same Done-For-You Tools & Free Traffic Strategy We Used To Make $73,602.20 In Less Than 30 days WITHOUT Spending A Dime!

    OTO3 - Instant Money Machines $67-197

    Just Released! Powerful Software Turns ANY Blog Into An AUTOMATIC, AUTOPILOT Affiliate Cash Machine Running ON 100% Autopilot 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

    OTO4 - $500 a Day! $27-37

    How would you like to receive $500 per day… just for copying and pasting a few pages of content?

    We have discovered one of the most risk-free ways to do this, and all you have to do is copy and paste proven affiliate marketing campaign content, drive some traffic (with the FREE traffic plugin you get with Wealth Machines) and then sit back and watch the money roll in!

    OTO5 – Money Making Training $47

    The crazy thing is, even if you’re lazy, it works! “The Secret To Making Thousands Of Dollars PER DAY Is Simply Using The Right Words…”

    OTO6 - $37

    Nothing annouced yet!

    Profit Funnelz Bonuses

    What if YOU, without any experience or expertise could create a profitable digital product, ready to sell in a matter of days?

    Learn the exact method to create digital products online for huge profits, then rinse and repeat the method!

    Finally learn the skill which can create you the passive income lifestyle, where your online products sell 24/7, 365 days a year on autopilot!

    While using the 80/20 rule, did you know that 20% of your buyers bring in most of your sales?

    20% of your buyers are what we call your premium buyers. Folks who are often action takers and want to buy almost everything in your funnel.

    By mixing together your premium buyers and freebie seekers, you will impact your long-term growth.
    Find the “diamond in the rough” buyers and stop wasting your time.

    Split Testing Guide

    This is a 4-part video training series all about split testing.

    If you’re wanting to learn how to better your conversions, then you need to learn how to split test.

    Within this training, you’re going to get 4 different lessons on how this can be achieved.

    Home Page Reviews

    Ultron Review

    Ultron Review

    Display ANY Link In Front Of 500 Million Buyers At The Press Of A Button!

    Get Ready!!

    This Product Goes Live
    May 15TH @11AM

    Table of Contents
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      What Is Ultron?

      Almost everyone had a struggle in the past to keep generating traffic.
      Even you might face an issue where, for some reason, nobody is clicking your links

      And what about all the work you have put in?
      Instead of doing all the work yourself, you can outsource it to Ultron.

      Ultron is an app that will get you up to 500 million targeted visitors at a push of a button!

      Who Is Ultron For?

      No Need To With Ultron

      Ultron is for anyone who wants to get fast results online without:

      • Buying a domain name
      • Creating content
      • Paying for traffic
      • Paying monthly fees for hosting
      • Having a lot of experience
      • Writing emails
      • Or any extra costs!

      How Does It Work?

      Ultron In 3 Steps

      To start using Ultron all you need to do is follow these 3 simple steps:

      Choose Your Niche
      Enter any keyword to pick your niche. This could be “weight loss” or “make money online”.

      Enter Your Link
      Input the link you want traffic sent to. This could be anything, such as an affiliate link…

      Activate The Automation
      Flip on Ultron’s automation to put your link in front of 500 million buyers with cash in hand.

      Who Created Ultron?

      Branson Tay

      Ultron was created by Branson Tay a YouTuber and content creator with a huge following of 493K generating around 5.2K in earnings, and a lot of experience in its own regard.

      Branson consistently posts and updates his subs with brand new and unique ways to make money online every single day.

      Not only that but he is also a super affiliate and has been making a killing with platforms such as WarriorPlus, JVZoo, ClickBank and so on.

      With this product he decided to share all the knowledge his been using for the past 4 years to build his up his business!

      Ultron Benefits

      Here are some benefits you might be interested in getting:

      • Access To 500 Million Visitors At Your Fingertips
      • Get REAL Buyers With Cash In Hand, Ready To Buy
      • Get All The Traffic You’ll Ever Need With No Effort
      • No Monthly Fees – Pay Once And Keep Using Ultron
      • Works In Any Niche – Use Ultron For A Surge Of FREE Traffic In Any Niche
      • Total Newbies Are Getting Traffic & Sales Literally Overnight
      • No Experience Required – Ultron Does All The Heavy Lifting For You
      • 100-Day Money-Back Guarantee: Get Results Or Get Paid $100

      Pricing And OTOS

      Ultron Pricing And OTOs

      FE - Ultron Web App $16.93

      Just like Tesla makes self-driving cars, Ultron lets you grab your slice of traffic from 500 million visitors…

      If you have been struggled to get the traffic you need for your affiliate offers, landing page, funnel, offer, or any link…

      Ultron is your shortcut.

      OTO1 – Ultron Unlimited $47

      Unlock All Premium Features of Ultron.

      • Supercharge your Ultron account to 100X Profit Twice As Fast With Unlimited Edition
      • Remove All Limits
      • Get Unlimited Traffic
      • Get Unlimited Commissions

      OTO2 - Ultron Done For You $197

      Generate 100% Hands-Free Income While We do ALL the Work for You.

      • Enjoy a Luxury Experience as Our Expert Team Will Work with You 1-On-1 To Run Profitable DFY Campaigns
      • Unlike Anything Else You’ve Seen in The Marketplace
      • We Actually Hire a Full-Time Professional to Manually Serve You in This Done-For-You Upgrade – So
      • There’s No Technical Skills or Experience Needed
      • Guaranteed Success!

      OTO3 - Ultron Monetization $97

      Turn the Traffic You Generate Into Profits.

      • Enjoy $1,000 Paydays with High Ticket Commissions
      • Done For You Campaign
      • Done For You Funnel
      • Done For You Offers
      • Proven To Convert
      • Done For You Bonuses To Offer

      OTO4 - Ultron Limitless Traffic $147

      Instantly Tap into Our Personal, Diamond Source of Viral Traffic for Unlimited Sales & Commissions.

      • The EXACT Traffic Secret We Used to Generate $32,000 in 30 Days
      • Like literally owning a Virtual ATM Machine!
        100% Done for You
      • FREE Buyer Traffic on AUTOPILOT with By Tapping into Our Source with No Limits
      • Bonus: Training & Tutorial Video Included
      • Bonus: Real Life Case Studies

      OTO5 - Ultron Franchise $147

      Sell Ultron While Keeping 100% Of the Commissions + Guaranteed Approval.

      • Get Paid Up To $640 Per Visitor You Send Us
      • You Get to Use Our Proven to Convert, Professionally Designed Pages, Funnels & Resources.
      • Let Our Professional Team to Handle All Supports
      • Nothing for You to Upload Or Host
      • Bonus: Get 100% Reseller + License Rights for All Our Past Products (Worth THOUSANDS)

      OTO6 - Ultron Accidental Discovery $67

      This “Accidental Discovery” By an Ultron Beta Tester Pockets Us An Additional $100-200 Daily.

      • Works Surprisingly Well with Ultron – We’ve Seen 5x Income Boost with This Accidental Discovery
      • Add Another Income Stream to Your Arsenal
      • Bonus: Training & Tutorial Video Included

      Ultron Bonuses

      Identifying profitable niche markets is a highly effective strategy in selecting or developing products and services that people want.

      Learn How to Effectively Research the Moneymaking Capabilities Within Niche Markets To Develop Products Or Services That Sell!

      Anyone who is sick and tired of not getting results online…

      Discover How To Use Product Launches To SKYROCKET Your Business! Learn The Insider Secrets On Using Product Launches To Explode Your Results!

      If you are looking for more genuine quality customers online, direct them to specially designed landing pages to increase conversions.

      Learn How To Develop A Landing Page System That Will Substantially Improve Your Conversion Rate And Increase Your Profitability.

      Online marketing professionals reveal their secrets so that you can design your own persuasive landing pages.

      Home Page Reviews

      Cookieless Ads Review

      Cookieless Ads Review

      Afraid of the new Facebook update?

      Bypass iOS14 restrictions and stop losing sales by using cookieless retargeting!

      Get Ready!!

      This Product Goes Live
      May 14TH @11AM

      LIVE, BUY NOW!
      Table of Contents
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        What Is Cookieless Ads?

        Everyone is going crazy over the new iOS14 Facebook update!

        If you do any sort of online business and are not prepared for this update you can get hit hard.

        Any business that uses mobile app advertisement… but also those who optimize, target, and report on web conversion events will be affected.

        In fact, Facebook advertisers can see a potential decrease of 30% in orders on their store. All due to the tracking issues caused by AdBlockers and Apple’s ITP (Safari and iOS14 included).

        Cookieless Ads is a software that allows you to bypass all those pesky iOS14 blocks!

        It uses cookieless retargeting (without cookies) and sends all the user data via server tracking.

        In return, you get precise and accurate data to cut down your ad spend, maximize clicks, sales, and profits.

        What’s Included With Cookieless Ads?

        Cookieless Ads Integrations

        In a nutshell, this is what you will find inside Cookieless Ads members area:

        • Offer a UNIQUE service that every business needs.
        • Bypass iOS14 restrictions and adblockers.
        • Unlimited Cookiless Ads Pixels and Campaigns.
        • Connect Unlimited Websites and Ad Accounts.
        • Get 100% accurate Facebook data.
        • Get 5X Better and Cheaper Facebook Results.
        • Unlimited Custom Conversions.
        • Don’t give access of your FB account to 3rd party service.
        • 100+ DFY High Converting Ads with Photoshop like editor.
        • Hidden Facebook Interest finder.
        • Nothing to Download or Install. Fully Cloud Based.
        • Commercial License with Sub user accounts.

        Who Is Cookieless Ads For?

        Cookieless Ads Big IOS14 Targetting Cons

        Almost everyone can benefit from Cookieless Ads… especially those who use Facebook Ads or Retargeting often.

        Current Advertisers
        Make more sales with hyper precision targeting.

        eComm Vendors
        Track all your purchases, visitor activity and make more sales using retargeting.

        Product Sellers
        Get multiple chances to convert prospects into buyers.

        Increase your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) even if you are promoting different products.

        Local Consultants
        Make more profits by providing this unique service to other businesses.

        List Builders and Bloggers
        Convert site visitors into qualified leads.

        Social Media Marketers
        Build your brand and grow your audience.

        Anyone New
        Great if you want to get results as a beginner and avoid roadblocks such as adblockers and iOS14 tight policies.

        How Does It Work?

        How To Use Cookieless Ads In 3 Steps

        To start using Cookieles Ads all you need to do is follow these 4 steps:

        1. Login & enter your Facebook Ads Pixel ID.
        2. Copy the generated code.
        3. Retarget all the audience bypassing blocks.

        Let’s now take a closer look at the members are.

        Creating a Pixel

        As you just read earlier the first step is to add your Ad Pixel and to do that you will to go to the “Create Pixel” tab which is located at the left menu.

        Then you will need to add your Facebook Pixel Code, Facebook Access Token and Test Event Code.

        To add more pixel codes there’s a PLUS button right below these 3 fields.

        Where can I find my pixel?

        Access your Facebook Account and go to Facebook Ads Manager first.

        You can use and already existing pixel or create a new one.

        The pixel can be in any format that most suits your needs… Whether that’s Web, App, Offline or CRM. All of them are compatible with the software.
        After creating or choosing a pixel you will need to copy your details (pixel settings) and paste them on Cookieless Ads.

        The event code can be fetched from the Event tab on the Test Server Events section.

        Event Types

        After copy/ pasting all the codes you can choose from multiple event types which will be displayed on a drop-down menu after hitting continue.

        • AddPaymentInfo
        • AddToCart
        • AddToWhishlist
        • CompleteRegistration
        • Contact
        • CustomizeProduct
        • Donate
        • FindLocation
        • InitiateCheckout
        • Lead
        • Purchase
        • Schedule
        • Search
        • StartTrial
        • SubmitApplication
        • Subscribe
        • ViewContent

        Plus, you can also add as many types as you want.

        Copy the code

        Now you can add the provided code to your landing pages, websites, ecommerce store etc.

        One of the ways you can do it is to edit the index file on your server by using either your FTP tool of choice or directly from your hosting panel.

        Other tools can also have a quick option to add codes or pixels already (very common on landing page builder software).

        My Pixels

        With this tab you can quickly monitor and tweak pixels you have added on cookieless ads.

        Interest Finder

        This will redirect you to an optional upgrade which is called sociallypro (social media scheduler and management tool).

        DFY Ad Sets

        As I am reviewing (prior to the launch) the Ad Sets and not yet added in. This section will be updated when they are out!

        Image Editor

        Simple drag-and-drop image editor you can use to create edit ads, content or even the provided DFY Ad Sets.


        If you face any issues or want a video guide to help you set up everything this is the exact place to go.


        They are really spoiling you!

        On this section you can access 80 bonuses that will help you boost your digital marketing results.


        Add user and/ or sub users to your team.


        Access the FAQ and the ticket-based support system.

        To log out, edit your profile or change the password you can click on the round avatar at the top right of any page.

        And that covers everything you need to know about the members’ area.

        Cookieless Ads Demo

        Cookieless Ads Benefits

        Cookieless Ads Royal Distributing Case Study

        Here are some benefits you might be interested in getting:

        • Get 100% accurate Facebook data.
        • Intelligence Tracking Prevention (ITP) resistant
        • Connect unlimited websites.
        • Unlimited traffic and page views.
        • No additional costs for Facebook conversion API.
        • Page speed improvements.
        • Increase event accuracy.
        • No Access to 3rd Party Service.
        • Improve ads performance and boost sales.

        Discounts, Pricing And OTOS

        Cookieless Ads Price and OTOs

        Discounts & Coupon Codes

        You can start taking advantage of this special codes as soon as the product launches on the 14th of May.

        1. Earlycookie10 (11 AM – 2PM)
        2. Earlycookie8 (2PM – 11:59 PM)
        3. Earlycookie6 (7th May)
        4. Earlycookie5 (8th May)
        5. Lastcookie3

        FE – Cookieless Ads $37 (Bypass iOS14 & Ad Blocking)

        Main product that will allow you to bypass all those money sucking blocks.

        OTO1 – Cookieless Ads Unlimited $67 (20+ Premium Features)

        The Ultimate Sales, Leads and Profit Booster Suite for Businesses and Agencies:

        • Unlimited Targeting –
        • Find Hidden Interests
        • Unlimited Websites
        • Unlimited Pixels
        • Unlimited Ad Accounts
        • Unlimited Ad Creator (Create Facebook Instagram Ads)
        • Unlimited Visitors/Pageviews
        • Unlimited Custom Conversion
        • Unlimited Leads
        • 14+ Network Social Media Poster
        • Stock Videos
        • Stock Photos
        • Video Editor
        • Google Tag Manager
        • AdWords Pixels
        • Quora Pixels
        • Pinterest Pixels
        • Twitter Pixels
        • LinkedIn Pixels
        • 100 Sub Users

        OTO2 – Cookieless Ads Link $67 (Link Management)

        Smart link management app with the following features:

        • Strong Link Cloaking which bypasses Google and Facebook Smartly
        • Smartly Retarget Visitors who Clicks on Any Social Media, Email or Shared Link
        • Geo-targeting to show personalized offers
        • Device Targeting To Leverage Maximum Potential
        • CTA Overlays to make extra profits with little banner-like ads
        • Link Expiration After Specific Time or Redirection To Different Page
        • Mass Cloaking To Boost Click-Through Rate
        • Custom Domain
        • Authority For Super Authority, control & Branding
        • Link Analytics and Stats
          Team Management access with Limited Permissions
        • Newbie Friendly & Fully
        • Cloud-Based Software
        • Complete Step-by-Step Video training

        OTO3 – Whitelabel License $297 (Resell Cookieless Ads!)

        Sell CookielessAds With Your Own Brand, Your Domain, Your Own Logo and Keep 100% of All the Profits.

        • Use Your Own Logo in Dashboard
        • Your Own Custom Domain Setup
        • Run on Custom Subdomain
        • Add, Edit, Delete and Manage your clients
        • Add Your Business Name Throughout the App
        • Sell Using our High Converting Sales Material
        • We Will handle the support
        • Charge Monthly or One Time Price
        • Keep 100% of the Profits

        OTO4 – Cookieless Ads Masterclass $64

        A Step-By-Step Training on How to Create Your 1st Successful Facebook Ads Campaign & Access to Secret 100k Facebook Ads Strategy.

        OTO5 – Cookieless Ads YT Edition $47

        Cookieless Ads Bonuses

        Have you ever tried Facebook Ads before?

        Sometimes it can be hard to create, scale and manage profitable campaigns.

        Or maybe you are new to it…

        That is no problem either, because with this video series you will learn to set up everything but also a strategy you can replicate and make $2000 a week with Facebook Ads.

        Mastering Sales Funnel

        This ebook will help you to know exactly what a sales funnel is, how to create one, and how to maximize its potential…

        So you get the most profit possible from it while also collecting highly targeted email leads.

        CPA offers are an awesome way to make money online without selling anything!

        The problem is that traffic sources like Facebook are always getting stricter with their policies and banning accounts more frequently.

        The good news is that you can still run these super profitable offers if you know the proper ways!

        All-in-one 50 SEO Tools to keep track of your SEO issues and help to improve the visibility of a website in search engines.

        It also helps to optimize web content by analyzing content for keywords, on-site links and other SEO considerations.

        Social media marketing tool that allows and helps you to easily auto post, schedule Instagram posts along with Facebook, Twitter and many more!

        It also can manage multiple social networks, schedule posts, increase your Traffic and engage your audiences.

        Just upload the media you want to post, type up your caption, and use the handy calendar to decide when you’d like your post to go out.

        Simple 1 Min Trick to Turn Your Email Marketing into More Sales & Traffic.

        Start Getting 300% More Opens, Clicks, Traffic and sales form the latest technology endorsed by Google.

        Create futuristic emails that stay on the top of your subscriber’s inbox
        and stand out of the crowd.

        Landing Pages

        Free Affiliate Tools LP

        50+ Free Affiliate Tools

        Get More Traffic, Conversions And Sales!

        Free Affiliate List Mockup

        What Will I Find Inside?

        • Copywriting tools
        • Email autoresponders
        • Landing pages builders
        • Keyword research tools
        • And more!
        Home Page Reviews

        Buzzious Review

        Buzzious Review

        Profitable News Niche Sites that Generate Traffic and Income on Autopilot!

        Get Ready!!

        This Product Goes Live
        May 7TH @11AM

        LIVE, BUY NOW!
        Table of Contents
          Add a header to begin generating the table of contents

          What Is Buzzious?

          Buzzious is a site builder you can use to launch your own monetized viral news sites. It will use hot content and videos to drive traffic and make passive profits in any niche.

          You can search trending articles by using keyword search and post them on your sites. But also add in videos, images, ads, affiliate links, product links, etc.

          That way you can diversify and create many income streams.

          Inside you will also find step-by-step video tutorials to guide you on how to use this software.

          What’s Included With Buzzious?

          Buzzious is really an all-in-one news site builder.

          Just look at the main features:

          • Create Unlimited Viral News Sites with Curated Content
          • Search tons of viral trending articles via keywords from top Content Sources
          • Get a free sub-domain for each viral site or add your own custom domain for branding
          • Optimize sites and URLs for search engines to get higher rankings and free traffic
          • Monetize your sites by placing any kind of Ad codes including Google Adsense to generate life-changing revenue
          • Integrate with Google Analytics to track traffic, page views, and ads
          • Custom RSS support to insert any RSS feed and pull fresh content from unlimited sources on autopilot
          • Schedule posts via keywords to fetch and post them on complete automation
          • WYSIWYG Editor to edit the appearance of your website with responsive designs, themes, navigation, sliders, font, etc.
          • Add unlimited pages/posts and create unlimited video posts by curating videos from YouTube and Vimeo
          • Inbuilt Lead Generation System – capture visitors emails, manage registered emails, users etc. all from one dashboard
          • Build professional sites with responsive design, theme options, editable navigation, sortable sliders, color layout options, Gif & Emoji support, GDPR notice, etc.
          • Packed with more advanced features like adding/deleting unlimited voting poll, update categories, posts, site search feature, pageview counts, gallery page, sitemap generator to enhance visitor’s engagement
          • Dynamic tag system with comment system to manage comments, contact messages and reply to them
          • Revolutionary admin panel to change Logo, Favicon, Site Title, Site Description, etc. for better rankings
          • Multilingual with RTL support to target global audience
          • Boost your social media following by inserting your links, and social sharing buttons in posts.
          • Turn YOUR personal hobbies & interests into passive income machines

          Who Is Buzzious For?

          Who Is Bizzious For?

          Buzzious is perfect for:

          • Internet marketers
          • Affiliate marketers
          • Freelancers
          • Product sellers
          • Entrepreneurs
          • Consultants
          • Advertisers
          • List building
          • Offline or local businesses
          • Social media marketers
          • Ecommerce store owners

          Anyone who wants a lot of traffic will benefit greatly from this product.

          If you are an affiliate marketer using free traffic you probably already know a bit about content creation which means you can be a very good fit for these type of sites.

          How Does Buzzious Work?

          Buzzious In 3 Steps

          With everything setup, you will notice that the workflow with this software is very fast and easy.

          To create viral news sites all you need to do is follow these 3 steps:

          Just enter your keyword and get tons of viral content from top sources in ANY niche of your choice.

          Edit your post, insert ad codes, affiliate links, CPA offers, etc. (Ads can also be inserted across your entire site to save time)

          Publish your post instantly to start attracting free viral traffic and generating passive profits.

          Buzzious Demo

          How To Make Passive Income With Buzzious?

          Buzzious Passive Income

          Probably the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about news sites is Ad-Revenue right?

          That’s because a lot of those big corps have a ton of visitors daily.

          But there are a lot of ways to monetize your viral news sites!

          Being the owner of a website means that no one is going to delete your links, and you are in full charge.

          You can start making profits with:

          • Being a publisher and providing ads spots to advertisers (Adsense, Ezoic…)
          • Affiliate marketing
          • Ecommerce products
          • List building (backend sales & retargeting)
          • Services
          • Sponsorships
          • Digital products
          • And more…

          Buzzious Benefits

          Buzzious Main Benefits

          Here are some benefits you might be interested in getting:

          • Create Multiple Viral
          • News Sites with Curated Content
          • Monetize your sites instantly with built-in ad spots
          • Built-in Lead Generation System
          • Turn YOUR personal hobbies & interests into passive income machines
          • 100% newbie friendly.
          • No prior experience required
          • Completely Cloud Based System – No Downloads Or Installation
          • Easy And Intuitive To Use Software With Step-By-Step Video Training
          • Loaded with Commercial Rights to set you up for recurring income from clients

          How Much Does Buzzious Cost?

          Buzzious OTOs

          Buzzious is great because as a software allows you to manage all aspects of your business from one dashboard.

          Creating websites takes just a few minutes… And then you can monetize it, collect leads and even cut content cost by using auto content curation!

          FE – Buzzious $27-37 (Viral News Sites)
          Fully functional Buzzious app with all the advanced features

          • Create up to 50 Viral sites with sub-domains
            AdSense To Profits For Every Click
          • Google Analytics to Track Progress
          • Custom RSS feed to pull fresh content from top sources
          • Built-In Lead Generation System
          • Cookie and GDPR-compliant sites

          2 Flexible Licensing Options:

          • Personal Use
          • Commercial Rights

          OTO1 – Buzzious Elite Edition $47-67 (No Limits!)
          Unlimited viral sites

          • Create Video Posts by curating them from YouTube and Vimeo
          • GIF & Emoji Support
          • Post Scheduler to Fetch and Post On Automation
          • Multilingual System – 108 languages
          • 10 Layout Colors for site to choose from
          • Create Unlimited Voting Polls
          • Social Login via Facebook & Google
          • Add Your Own Custom Domain For Branding
          • Social Sharing options with Social Media Links support

          2 Flexible Licensing Options:

          • Personal Use
          • Commercial Rights

          OTO2 – Buzzious Resell Rights $147-197 (100% Profits)
          Resell Rights allows one to sell Buzzious to their customers and keep 100% of the profits.

          With 2 Flexible Licensing Options:

          • 100 Client License
          • 250 Client License

          Buzzious Bonuses

          Online Viral Marketing Secrets AudioBook and Ebook

          Understand better what viral content is and how you can also create viral content to get hordes of traffic.

          Discover what you should avoid but also how to create viral pieces daily without losing momentum in a time effective matter.

          100 Website Monetization Secrets

          This product will give you 100 website monetization secrets.
          You will learn all kinds of secrets for making money with your website or blog.

          Add as many of these income streams as you can handle plus, you’ll get monetization ideas for profiting from the skills you learn while running your online business.

          Hiring and Outsourcing

          This video series is all about hiring and outsourcing will show you how to ease some of your burdens and reduce cost by outsourcing virtual staff.

          Having a way to get your work done even when you are not actively working is extremely useful to your business.

          You will still see growth, traffic, and sales even when you are not in front of your computer.

          15 Semi-Exclusive Buzzious Vendor Bonuses

          Beside all the costum bonuses I will also give access to the vendor bonuses.

          This includes a package of 15 bonuses with useful WordPress plugins, traffic generation training, business ideas and some more technical training as well!

          Home Page Reviews

          ADIMATES Video Templates Review

          ADIMATES Video Templates Review

          Create Customized Animated Videos In Less Than 10 Minutes… And Sell Them To Local Businesses!

          Get Ready!!

          This Product Goes Live
          May 4TH @ 9AM

          LIVE, BUY NOW!
          Table of Contents
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            What Is ADIMATES Video Templates?

            ADIMATES are 24 professionally produced video templates specifically targeting 12 popular niches.

            What’s Included With ADIMATES Video Templates?

            Adimates Video Templates Niches Included

            Inside of ADIMATES you will get:

            • 24 video templates in both wide and square formats.
            • Unique content with voice-overs.
            • Templates with custom music tracks included.
            • Step-by-step video tutorials.
            • Original scripts written by professional copywriters.
            • Editing notes.

            But what about the niches?

            You can target any of these:

            • Plumbing
            • Pest Control
            • Chiropractors
            • House Cleaning Services
            • Dentists
            • Auto Service & Repair
            • Restaurants
            • Realtors
            • Pet Care
            • Travel Agencies

            Who Is ADIMATES Video Templates For?

            Did you know that animated explainer videos can increase conversion rates up to 150%?

            The problem is that most of these videos have a time cost and can also have a big impact on your/ or someone else’s budget (local businesses)!

            And not everyone knows how to use video editing or animation software…

            That where video templates come in. They are, by far, the most effective solution to seamlessly crank out videos at a very low budget and in a timely manner.

            How Does ADIMATES Video Templates Work?

            Adimates Video Templates in 3 Steps

            The video templates are easy to edit and do not require any skills with advanced video software.

            You can easily customize them on PowerPoint and Keynote.

            First you will need to download the templates…

            • After that you can open them up and choose the area you want to customize.
            • Cut & paste customer’s name, logo, or information.
            • And lastly export the video and use it in as many platforms or websites you want to.

            Who Created ADIMATES Video Templates?

            Adimates Product Creator Ben Crain

            ADIMATES Video Templates were created by Ben Crain, a creative consultant and marketer with 20+ years of experience under his belt.

            He started out as an advertising copywriter developing radio, television and print advertising for regional and national clients ranging from McDonald’s to Monsanto.

            Ben specialized in Advertising, Sales Promotion, Digital Marketing, and Branding, Copywriting, AV Producer, Video Editing & Graphic Design.

            Now president and CEO of Hunu Marketing with the objective to provide simple, smart, and strategic marketing for exceptional clients.

            ADIMATES Video Templates Benefits

            Expensive Video Services And Outsourcing

            Here are some benefits you might be interested in getting:

            • No video editing skills required.
            • Create customized videos ready for upload in under 10 minutes.
            • Sell them to multiple local businesses!
            • Fast track or start your local lead gen business.
            • No more expensive video services or freelancers.

            How Much Does ADIMATES Video Templates Cost?

            Adimates Video Templates OTOs

            FE – ADIMATE Video Templates $19.95 (In 12 Niches)
            Along with the 12 ADIMATE Video Templates, you will receive the original scripts, music beds, editing notes, and full access to the complete tutorial video series.

            You will also receive 12 additional ADIMATES Video Templates in square format plus the 3 exclusive bonuses.

            OTO1 – ADIMATES Push Button Agency $39.95 (DFY Ecom Site!)
            This plug ‘n play eCommerce site is ready to install and offers a professionally designed landing page, allowing you to market your ADIMATES Video Templates online through professional quality video and graphics, along with a WooCommerce eCommerce store built right in!

            Potential customers can click on any of the 24 templates to place their order right from your site and pay directly into your PayPal or Swipe account.

            OTO2 – ADIMATES Elite Membership $9.95/ Month (New Templates Every Month)
            Get a new ADIMATES video template every month targeting the hottest online niches.

            As a member, you’ll also have access to our exclusive ADIMATES Elite Members Facebook Group, additional training materials, plus special training sessions to help you build and grow your online business.

            OTO3 – ADIMATES 1-on-1 $197 (Coaching)
            3 months coaching program.
            Helps you set goals, strategize, brainstorm, or just simply assist you in polishing your business plan.

            Includes three 1-on-1 live coaching sessions via Skype or Zoom, plus direct access to my personal email for a quick response to any questions you might have.

            ADIMATES Video Templates Bonuses

            Video Designers Are Ripping You Off. Slash Your costs with this All-In-One Turn Key Video Marketing Package And Make $497 Spending Less Than 20 Minutes Per Video.

            Target different niches with this impressive video package saving time, increasing your conversion, establishing your local video marketing business overnight.

            No more time spend stressing over designers that don’t finish on time, no more hiring expensive video designers and No more hassles over what videos to use for a particular business.

            Get 90 completely brand-new professional salesperson local videos.

            Use these local promo videos for whatever purposes you have in mind: use them for your own business promotions, local client promos, use them to generate local business leads.

            Just like most business owners, we are all trying to gain more traffic.

            The competition is tough I know!

            Do you get the feeling like there are no methods that work these days or no methods that have not been completely exhausted?

            Learn how to take advantage of some solid traffic sources to help out local businesses.