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DoodleMaker Review: Create Professional Doodle Videos in over 60+ Languages Within Minutes Using The Power of AI

DoodleMaker Review

Create Spectacular, Realistic and Professional Doodle Videos in over 60+ Languages Within Minutes Using The Power Of AI


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    What Is DooldeMaker?

    DoodleMaker is perfect for

    DoodleMaker is a Doodle Video Creation software that uses intuitive artificial intelligence to allow ANYONE, regardless of technical skills, age or design skills to effortlessly create spectacular, realistic and professional doodle videos in over 30+ languages in just a few minutes.

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    Doodle Maker Software Is PERFECT For:

    • Content Creators
    • Sales Videos (VSL’s)
    • Teachers
    • Increasing Engagement
    • Generating Leads
    • Trainers
    • Facebook Ads
    • Freelancers
    • And much more…

    What's Included With DoodleMaker?

    Features without headline

    DoodleMaker is overcharged with features, tools and resources to not only make the best high quality doodle videos but also to make it easier on you to sell this services to High Paying Costumers all around the world.

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    With DoodleMaker you will be getting all of these benefits:

    • Whiteboard, Glassboard & Blackboard Videos
    • Unlimited Customization
    • Effortlessly easy to use
    • AI Video Translation Engine
    • Sell to clients globally
    • Over 300+ Templates
    • Text-to-Speech In 70 languages
    • Create Unlimited Videos
    • Royalty Free image Library
    • Image To Sketch Converter
    • Millions Of High Quality Doodle Images & Icons
    • Built-In color Changer
    • Intuitive text to image finder
    • Full HD Rendering
    • Element Speed Changer
    • 160+ male & female voices
    • Icon Finder and Pixabay API
    • Freehand Editor
    • Record your own voice
    • Add Your Own Watermark
    • YouTube and Vimeo Publisher
    • Built-In Doodle Style Transitions
    • UNLIMITED Usage – No limits
    • Commercial License

    How Does DoodleMaker Work?

    3 steps DoodleMaker

    To get started with DoodleMaker an option must be selected out of this 3: Ready-Made Template, Start From Scratch and AI Video Translation Engine. For more detailed information please watch the DEMO down bellow.

    Project Creation:

    Creating a new project from a template is very straight forward. There will be 300+ templates with male/ female voice-overs on multiple niches to choose from that can be furthered customized to fit your project needs.

    Starting from scratch  will use the power of AI to put together an awesome doodle video by pulling assets from DoodleMaker’s huge library and combining them all together according to a written script.

    Video Translation allows the user to reach mass global audiences by converting videos from YouTube links.

    Creating a Doodle Video:

    When creating a doodle video you can not only create whiteboard but also blackboard, blueprint videos or even use a costume background.

    The library has multiple options and images that can be used on the videos such as: Icons, Assets, Pixabay (free copyright images), PhotoBin, JumpStory and of course you can also upload your own images.

    The assets alone will already provide a ton of different variations since they are very generic and can be used for a ton of different videos in all kinds of niches. Elements on the video can be stacked and there are multiple of options for transitions. The speed is also customizable.

    Using Templates:

    If there’s no need to customize a template then you can insert your logo and be done with it pretty fast.

    There will be a lot of options to change just like if you were creating a doddle video from scratch. Elements can be added, changed and deleted as well.

    Unlocking timeline settings will give access to choose which elements appear first on the video and also set display time. The elements can also be hidden but you can also stack them on top of each other.

    Voice-overs have 3 options available: the already done Text To Speech (TTS) voice, upload your voice and record your voice.

    More Elements:

    Besides from text, images and language you can choose the hands, add soundtracks, backgrounds, watermarks and much more.

    Translating Videos:

    This type of project is very easy to use. It only requires a Project Title, a YouTube URL and that’s it! Hit get YT Video and the whole scripted will be generated automatically, however it can also be edited if needed.

    DoodleMaker Demo Video

    How Much Does DooldeMaker Cost?

    DoodleMaker Funnel

    FE – Doodle Maker Software $47-67 (Great Intuitive App)
    Two licensing options available:

    • Commercial ($47 One-Time)
    • Enterprise ($67 One-time)

    OTO #1 – Doodle Maker Whitelabel Unlimited $97-497 (DFY App To Resell)
    Sell our best-selling DoodleMaker app as your own and keep 100% of the profits.
    Two options available:

    • DoodleMaker Whitelabel Unlimited ($497 One-Time)
    • Whitelabel Agency – 50 Accounts ($97 One-Time)

    OTO #2 – Doodle Maker Deluxe Upgrade $49 (PREMIUIM Features and Resources)
    Get access to additional features worth thousands. 10X your results, sales and profits and get ahead of other DoodleMaker customers!

    OTO #3 – Toon Video Maker App $39 (Create Toon Videos)
    Go beyond doodle videos, add new TOON videos to your marketing toolbox. Toon videos are proven ways to maximize results. The Biggest Fortune 500 companies use Toon videos to market their services.

    Toon videos are the hottest video formats after doodle videos. You can sell each video you make for $300 to $500 each.

    OTO #4 – Client Engine App $29 (Find HIGH PAYING Clients)
    Client Engine software allows users to find top paying clients to sell videos, or any other service. This is perfect for anyone looking to sell their doodle videos made with Doodle Maker for top dollar. The software lets users search on the top 5 job sites from inside one platform. No need to visit multiple sites to find jobs and people looking for video creation services.

    DoodleMaker Bonuses

    Collection of hand-drawn vector illustrations.

    160+ doodle elements

    Perfect for presentations, stickers, social media posts, pics, videos and much more.

    How to find an almost unlimited supply of high paying clients for video services.

    Exclusive Bonus(1)
    Everything you need to know about video SEO.

    You’ll learn how to optimize your videos around YouTube’s top 5 ranking factors.

    DoodleMaker VBonus 1
    DoodleMaker VBonus 2
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    YouTubio Review

    YouTubio Review

    YouTube Automation Tool To Grow Your Channels & Get Higher Rankings, Traffic, Subscribers, & Profits On Autopilot!


    This Product Goes Live In:

    Table of Contents
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      What Is YouTubio?

      YouTubio is an easy-to-use automation cloud-based software for YouTube and Video marketing.

      Instead of wasting your precious time doing all the manual work manual you can let this app do everything for you while also making your video content more engaging and compelling for your audience.

      If you are struggling with…

      • SEO
      • Thumbnails
      • Playlist Management
      • Video Editing
      • Managing Followers
      • Running Multiple Channels
      • Replying To Comments
      • Tracking User’s Behavior
      • Reading Channel Analytics

      YouTubio will help out with all of those tasks, making them much easier for beginners and experienced video creators but also automate them as well leaving them to concentrate all efforts on creating awesome content.

      This is perfect for Newbies, Affiliate Marketers, YouTubers, Bloggers, Product Creators E-Commerce Site Owners, Coaches & Consultants, Authors, Speakers, Vloggers, Offline Businesses and even people who are leveraging the changes provoked by the Pandemic.

      What's Included With YouTubio?

      With YouTubio you can get access to a great arsenal of 10-12 tools such as:

      • Advanced Channel Manager
      • Video Manager
      • Playlist Manager
      • Template Manager
      • Keyword Finder
      • Rank Tracking
      • Auto-Reply
      • Thumbnail Creator
      • Analytics Feature
      • Video Splitter 

      Using these tools you will be able to get Higher Rankings, Increased Organic Traffic, Get Better Engagement, More Clicks, Views, Likes, Shares,  Comments & Subscribers, Enhanced Profits & ROI.

      How Does YouTubio Work?

      Steps YouTubio

      If you are not a reading person I won’t judge you! Just scroll down and watch the DEMO VIDEO.

      Once you logged in you will see the main dashboard (“Dashboard” tab)where you can take a look at some basic channel statistics such as views, videos, subscribers, channels comment replies, and even track your competition rank if you choose to.

      Linking Your Channel:

      The first thing you need to do is to link your YouTube accounts on the “Social Accounts” tab by clicking the “import channel” button. After doing so you will to sign up with your Google account that’s linked with the channel you choose and give YouTubio the right permission so that you can manage your channel. Once the setup process is done you can now explore the other features and create your Auto Reply and Auto Comment templates.

      Creating Templates For Auto Replies and Comments:

      To create your templates you need to go to the “Template Manager” Tab and then choose either the Auto Reply or Auto Comment option and then click on create template.

      When creating Auto Reply Templates you have some options available. After naming your template you can activate an option to delete offensive comments which will delete comments that contain specific keywords chosen by yourself. You can choose between two comments types generic or filter and then write the message that you want for your comment. There’s also an option to activate multiple reply.

      If you decide to create an Auto Comment Template you will need to write a name for the template itself first and then add your message or multiple messages.

      Using auto comments you can gradually increase your channel authority without any extra work and later rank for harder or high competition keywords.

      Once that’s done you can now use your templates on “Channel Manager” Tab by creating campaigns.

      Managing Your Channel:

      In this tab you can create 2 types of campaigns: Like/Comment and Subscription Campaign.

      When creating a Like/ Comment Campaign you will need to first give it a name and then you can tweak all the other settings. In Channel, you will need to choose the one that you want to run your campaign in, so if you are just using one it will always be the same. For this to work you need to choose a template created earlier on the “Template Manager” tab and after that you can choose which keywords to target and then select when you want your campaign to run by giving it either an expiry date or by giving it an activity limit. Daily Max Activity will protect your channel to be identified as a bot. If you want to automate likes just click on the Auto Like Switch and leave it on.

      For the Subscription Campaign the options will be very similar besides publish date.

      Now for the other options…

      Video Manager will allow you to set auto reply, make an auto reply report, edit the video, track the rank of your video on YouTube search results, create a rank report, see the analytics for the specific video and update your thumbnail.

      Editing give you the option to change the Title, Description, Tags, Language, Privacy Status, Category and Localization (On YouTube you can find these settings in YouTube Creator > Video > Details).

      To update the thumbnail you will need to first create one on the Thumbnail Manager. This will automatically load up Canva with a Thumbnail Template and you won’t even need to sign up. If you see that your video is getting low Click Trough Rate (CTR) you can quickly change your thumbnail to improve it and that’s how this feature will prove itself as very useful.

      From the Playlist Manager you can quickly change and create playlists bit also add videos to them.

      On the Upload Video option you will see all the standard options for uploads available on YouTube.

      Search For YouTube Videos

      You can search inside YouTubio just like if you were using YouTube search bar and there will also be a ton of filters that can be used to narrow down the search results.

      Copy Keywords From High Ranking Videos

      The YouTube Keyword Finder tab can be used to copy Keywords from specific videos by entering the video ID (E.g.:

      The keywords can be downloaded on a CSV format or can also be copied by just using the copy/paste mouse function.

      Track Your Competitors Videos

      This tab can be used to track the rank of a specific video by keyword. To do so you need to choose your main keyword, write the campaign name and copy/ paste the video id of the video you want to track. You can also display that video on the main dashboard as well.

      Extra Downloads

      Here you will find Video Splitter which is a tool that can be used to repurpose your video content by cutting it to fit on other social media platforms so if your main platform is YouTube for instance you can create a teaser video for TikTok and push viewers from that platform to YouTube.

      YouTubio Demo Video

      How Much Does YouTubio Cost?

      What’s great about YouTubio is that it gives the option to use the tools for your own channels  but also to use the app itself to create a business and make an extra income. There’s also the possibility to sell the product as if it was your own with OTO 3. With each one of the upsell you will also get 5 premium bonuses provided by the vendors.

      FE – YouTubio $37-47 (YouTube Automation)
      The features included on the FrontEnd Offer are the same as mentioned above.
      There are 2 Licensing options available:
      Basic at $37
      Best Seller at $47

      OTO #1 – YouTubio Pro $97 (UNLIMITED Features)
      Extra features provided by the pro version are:

      • Special Downloadable Splitter Tool To Split Long Videos Into Smaller Parts
      • Advanced Thumbnail Creator To Create And Set Eye-Catching Thumbnails For Your Videos
      • Sitemap Generator For All Videos
      • Keyword Finder – Find Keywords For Unlimited Videos
      • Rank Tracking – Track Ranking Keyword-Wise For Unlimited Videos
      • Import and manage unlimited channels
      • Upload and manage unlimited videos
      • Set – & – Forget unlimited auto – reply & auto-comment templates
      • Detailed analytics and reports

      OTO #2 – YouTubio Agency Rights $167 (Leverage SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING)
      Start your own Agency Business!
      Give YouTubio’s access to your clients and earn monthly recurring profits.
      Separate User Panel to Add, Edit Or Manage Your Users
      Get One-Time Or Monthly Recurring Profits Directly in Your Accounts.

      OTO #3 – YouTubio Reseller Rights $197 (DFY Product With HUGE DEMAND!)
      Sell YouTubio as if it was your own and keep 100% of the profits.

      YouTubio Bonuses

      One of the most important aspects of a successful YouTube Chanel is authority.

      The more authority a channel has the easier it becomes to rank in the #1 page of YouTube and Google for high competition keywords which results in getting a lot of subs, shares and sales.

      Inside you will discover why video marketing is the only skill you’ll ever need if you want to make money online in the fastest, easiest and most efficient way. And you don’t need an email list, joint venture partners or any copywriting skills to make it happen!

      Learn one of the fastest strategies to build up a huge YouTube channel fast by producing viral content and finding the best keywords to rank quickly on the top.

      Uncover the secrets to acquiring the freshest, hottest leads via YouTube In-Stream ads quickly and easily.

      Find out the best secret tips for the most effective targeting for your ads.

      Discover the totally legal, but little-known method for literally stealing traffic from your competitors.

      Get unlimited access to the vendor bonuses.

      These bonuses were provided by the vendor so that I can give them to you and they will be bundled with my custom bonuses. Click on any picture down below to make it larger.

      Home Page

      Animal Kingdom Anarchy Review +Bonuses: 34 Products For The Price Of One

      Animal Kingdom Anarchy Review

      Mega Bundle of 34 Products From 14 Top Marketers… All For The Price Of One!

      GET READY!!

      This Product Goes Live In:

      LIVE, BUY NOW!
      Table of Contents
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        What Is Animal Kingdom Anarchy?

        Animal Kingdom Anarchy is a bundle of 34 SUPER high-quality products from 14 top marketers.

        You might have already heard about one or more of these names: Kevin Fahey, Eric Hammer, Jason Oickle, Joan Altres, Sasa Ilic, Jonny Rose, Will Weatherley, Sasa Ilic, Guy Potok, Bobby Dee, Gena Babak, Aktar Alam, John Newman, Ryan Mac, Dan Mahedy Jr, Sabin Timsina and Ronnie Rokk Smith.

        If you did then you know that you will be getting a ton of VALUE out of the package.

        The Products included cover internet marketing from A-Z… Everything you would need to get started right away and achieve optimal results with your online business even if you are a newbie.

        What's Included With Kingdom Anarchy?

        Inside Of Animal Kingdom you will find 18 products from Dawud Islam aka the product creator but also 16 from other top marketers. Some of them are software tools and others are info-based.

        You will find in depth content covering topics such as online business models, email marketing, list building, social media marketing, product selection, product creation, automation, products to giveaway and much more.

        Here are some key benefits you might be interested in getting:

        • Over 30 Great Products
        • Learn From 17 Top Marketers
        • Thousands of Dollars of Value
        • Everything a newbie could possibly need
        • Learn and then start a new business TODAY
        • Never need to buy another course AGAIN

        How Does Animal Kingdom Anarchy Work?

        As you log into the member’s area of Animal Kingdom Anarchy you will see all the content structured in sections. It’s very easy to navigate but if you still find yourself lost all you need to do is watch the Overview video.

        The Welcome, Overview and Conclusion will be the videos you will find inside. To access all the other products, you just have to navigate to a specific section and click a button.

        How Much Does Animal Kingdom Anarchy Cost?

        What’s great about Animal Kingdom Anarchy is that for a low price tag you can get a very good arsenal to make a ton of sales online and run a legit business but also that some of the OTO’s also provide traffic and sales materials so that you can start right away without having to generate any traffic yourself.

        FE – Animal Kingdom Anarchy $14.95 (CRAZY BARGAIN!! – TONS OF VALUE)
        Get all 18 previous products from Dawud Islam PLUS great products from Kevin Fahey, Eric Hammer, Jason Oickle, Joan Altres, Sasa Ilic, Jonny Rose, Will Weatherley, Sasa Ilic, Guy Potok, Bobby Dee, Gena Babak, Aktar Alam, John Newman, Ryan Mac, Dan Mahedy Jr, Sabin Timsina and Ronnie Rokk Smith.

        OTO #1 – Animal Kingdom Anarchy PRO Version $17-37 (Product Upgrades + Products To Give Away)
        PRO version upgrades at Wombat Wealth, Monkey Mailers, Jaguar Jackpots, Panda Payments, Dolphin Dividends and Lion Listings, plus Eagle Emails 365 upgrade. Plus free VIP upgrades at all 25 of my Elite Tigers Group sites + giveaway versions of 12 of my products.

        OTO #2 – Mega Traffic Package $97-197 (Done-For-You Traffic!)
        Get 10 solo ads to Dawud network of 25 sites in the make money online niche PLUS plug in any URL of your choice into the ad rotators at all 25 sites.

        OTO #3 – Reseller Rights $17-37 (100% Commissions)
        Get reseller rights to Animal Kingdom Anarchy and enjoy 100% commissions across the sales funnel.

        OTO #4 – DFY Campaigns $97-197 (Boost Your Sales Without Any Extra Work!)
        Get sent 3 x DFY campaigns each and every week. Includes DFY bonus page with review video, product demo and ten custom bonuses delivered for you (requires Commission Gorilla).

        OTO #5 – Launch a Product with Dawud $997 (Build A Huge Email List & Make A Ton Of Sales)
        This is an EXCLUSIVE opportunity to launch a product with Dawud. Either chose your own product idea or have him create one with you. All of his recent launches have achieved over 300 sales, with some passing 500 sales and winning Deal of the Day. Guarantee yourself success and a buyers list that will earn you money for years to come by taking advantage of this unique opportunity. Strictly limited to FIVE people…

        Animal Kingdom Anarchy Bonuses

        If you’re trying to build an online business whether you’re just starting out or have been in this game for a while, then you’re going to find this 25-part video course helpful.

        Learn how to use the power of words to write compelling emails, sales pages, bonus pages or any other type of content.

        Stop writing regular copy and start optimizing for results and conversions.

        Discover How to Make High-Ticket Sales by Working with the Right Clients the Right Way.

        No stones are left unturned when you get your hands on this now. You will become a complete expert on this, and you’ll get everything you need inside to do the same.

        The most critical factor to effectively promote any product on the market.

        Many marketers will forget about this or get it wrong completely wasting their efforts and time.