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10xSocial Review

10xSocial Review

Get Traffic, Engagement And Leads Using Personalized Automated Video Messages

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What Is 10xSocial?

10xSocial is a messenger marketing app that combines the power of videos, SMS & Emails to get 10x more leads, sales, and results.

There have been many messenger apps released in the past, but nothing that goes across niches and helps get sales if you already have a ton of traffic.

And if you don’t have that, the app helps generate traffic as well.

Who Is 10xSocial For

10xsocial is perfect for

10xSocial is perfect for anyone who wants to get more traffic from messenger apps passively and grow your social network list!

Whether you are a:

  • Digital Marketers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Course Creators Coaches
  • Local Marketers

The strategies implemented will always work the same way.

What Is Included With 10xSocial?

10xSocial is not just a chatbot! In fact the chatbot is just one of its features.

Here are some of the things you can do with this software:

  • Send broadcast messages – video message, audio message, voice message, image message, carousel message, survey message…
  • Schedule/Send follow up SMS with just 1 click in facebook messenger
  • Schedule/send follow up emails automatically in facebook messenger
  • Text to speech converter in any language
  • Chatbot AI – reply to contacts who message you on your phone or emails during chat
  • Post Composer – the most powerful Facebook list building and traffic post creator.
  • Personalized Avatars – introduce a virtual “persona” into the thread. The persona may be backed by a human agent or a bot.
  • Comment Guards – respond to users comments on your fan page with highly interactive contents that will enable you to build a list very fast.
  • Chat Widget – this tool makes it easy for visitors, prospects, or customers to start conversations with you from your website
  • Recover Leads
  • One-click seamless integration with SMS providers
  • Easily connects with any major autoresponder
  • Post Finder
  • Share to other FB groups
  • Facebook Hidden Video Finder – search hidden 1000s of relevant videos in every niche from Facebook.
  • Tags – target and segment subscribers automatically
  • Post Embed – boost post reach by embedding posts on websites, blogs, and business pages.

How does 10xSocial Work?

Right out of the bat you will see the dashboard with some stats for SMS Follow-Ups, Email Follow-Ups, Video ads Posts, Attachments and so on.

There will two menus one at the top and the other on the left side.

At the left you will have:

Schedule or publish rich messenger video, image, or carousel posts with call to button to quickly start a conversation with Facebook users. Very useful for list building and driving organic traffic.

Post Finder
Find and import your posts from your Facebook fan pages and manage on 10XSOCIAL.

Allows you to create three types of broadcasts: Video Message, Voice Message, Audio Message.

The top menu includes:

Text To Speech
Convert any text copy into audio speech.

People Data
See the list of people that have subscribed to your business page.

Chat Widget
The following options make it easy to start conversations from your website or email communications, or offline media such as fliers and in-store signs and ads.
Use these options to expand and reengage your audience.

Fan page
Subscribe Facebook pages.

Includes the following tutorials:

  • Logging in to your 10XSOCIAL account
  • Adding Facebook account(s) to 10XSOCIAL
  • Adding fan pages and contacts to 10XSOCIAL

10xSocial Benefits

Here are some benefits you might be interested in getting:

  • Enables businesses to warm their leads by scheduling follow-up SMS, emails and messenger messages to their inbox on complete autopilot.
  • Uses SMS and emails uniquely to follow up with the leads
  • Ensures you never lose leads again on Facebook.
  • Introduces Facebook personas for creating customer service bots (amazing for those with multiple fan pages and businesses)
  • Enables businesses to create and run surveys on complete autopilot
  • Great tool for publishing and selling video courses (I know, right?)
  • Provides the most advanced and effective text to speech tool for marketing
  • Enables businesses to send leads info about their products, services, and promotions.

10xSocial Demo

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How much does 10xSocial Cost?

10xsocial pricing and otos

As marketers, we all know that email marketing is a must and one of the best ways to retarget your buyers!

The next big thing after that are messenger lists. You can still contact your audience in a more personal and personalized tone, plus everyone is hanging out on Facebook nowadays.

10xSocial gives you the ability to take advantage of this new marketing channel and get targeted leads from it passively. The optional OTOs will also give you some extra features and can unlock new money making opportunities as well.

FE – 10xSocial Personal / Commercial $37-47

  • Send Personal Video Messages Inside
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Broadcasts (video, voice, audio)
  • Text to Speech
  • Comment Guards
  • Post Composer
  • Bonus: Chat Widget

OTO1 – 10xSocial Unlimited one-time $37-67

  • Collect & Communicate With Unlimited Leads
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Unlimited Videos
  • FB hidden video finder
  • Commercial license + assets

OTO2 – 10xSociPRO $1-97

  • Unlock all features
  • Post Finder
  • Chatbot AI
  • Follow-up SMS and email (FE can allow collection, but this has AR integrations and such)
  • Other broadcasts
  • Recover Leads
  • Personalized Avatars
  • Email address export
  • Phone number export
  • Autoresponder to automatically collect emails.
  • All future features

OTO3 – 10xSocial Agency $197-297

$197 – access to FE, 50 seats
$297 – access to FE + OTO1, unlimited seats

10xSocial Bonuses

There is an assumption that social traffic, regardless of which platform it comes from and regardless of how you qualify that traffic, converts to sales readily.

Sadly, none of these assumptions are true. In fact, all of them are tragically mistaken.

Discover how you can take advantage of this traffic source and get real results!

facebook marketing unleashed box

Facebook is a massive traffic monster.

As of this writing, it has over 5 billion, and that’s with a capital B, daily active users.

This guide will show you what you need to know in order to completely dominate Facebook Marketing!

This is a collection of Checklists and a Planner to help you use Facebook events to engage with your audience.

Do you struggle to keep your audience engaged? Social media has become an important tool for audience engagement.

As well as allowing you to create business pages to connect with your customers, it also provides several ways to market your services.

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